A Total Toned Transformation

Chelsee Healey transformation

I've never looked this good

An astounding female transformation, Chelsee took to her transformation program in one of the best ways we've seen. A great positive vibe a happy positive mind set and a structured training program ensured Chelsea not only met her goals of losing a few pounds and toning up; but went forward to achieve what she could never of expected. The first time we trained Chelsea was to get her in shape for several up coming photo shoots. She'd always trained before, but never specifically for any main target or look in mind. Her back ground is dancing, which provided a great athletic platform to move into a more intensive style of training. We also addressed her eating too. This was a main goal, to be able to eat better food whilst maintaing a balance.

Within the first 2 weeks her body fat had dropped substantially. We could already see a flat and toned mid section forming and the rest of her body was shaping quickly too. The happy and positive mind set she held was a huge factor in enabling her to achieve such great goals. From day one she new what she wanted and worked incredibly hard to achieve it. Over the first 12 weeks of training, she completely changed. Her waist was narrow and toned, her legs had new definition and sculpture she'd never seen before. Over this time she amounted to loosing a lot of weight too. Any one who knows our style, know we don't focus on weight loss as a reflection of progress, but more body fat and the way you look. However in this circumstance as a whole result, we were impressed with the sheer inches she took off, and the whole new look she created.

Her first photo shoot was taken post training at Prestige and the results were some of the most impressive images both Chelsea and us had ever seen. Her hard efforts seriously paid off and she looked fantastic for it. She trained up to 3 days a week on our transformation program and followed a strict training outside her training. Her eating had come on leaps and bounds, but her devotion to the program even more. At Prestige we love to see this determination to training, and it's very rewarding when we can over exceed the clients expectations. This achieved, from a well crafted and all around approach to your life style and transformation program. As female transformations go, she reached her goals of looking beach ready and toned from head to toe. With huge strength improvements and overall fitness levels into a new realm! Well done on her first transformation and the many times she has accomplishment great results with Prestige.

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