An athletic transformation

Jay 8 week transformation

Took my results to the next level

Jay achieved a radical transformation in just 8 weeks. His aim was to completely maximise his results and take his body to the next level. He wanted to focus on definition and creating a more athletic look rather than just being some one in shape. Prior to Prestige, Jay had trained in the gym up to 4 x per week focusing on maintaining a good figure, but never felt he quite got to the level he wanted.

We started by tweaking his diet to fit his intensive training regime, and set it up for drawing out definition and not just gaining muscle. This was very exciting as we had a great opportunity to show him what he could really achieve with the right structure and program. Within the first two weeks we seen drastic change. His shape had already improved, and very quickly we could tell this was going to be an amazing result for him.

With a combination of cardio, resistance training and even some strategic rest days, he was able to quickly hone a good figure into a great figure; and dropped his body fat by 5% in the first couple of weeks. After week 4 we started to notice great shape around areas he wanted to improve such as shoulders and arms, which was great: so rather than looking bulky, he looked defined and in shape in the main areas. Our full program was intense. He was disciplined throughout, and committed himself fully to this new regime. With great success it only paid off massively with results breaking though not just on a weekly basis but daily.

"It was very hard work, we trained intensively like nothing else i've done before and my diet was spot on. I applied a lot of the new techniques I learned and found the motivation to be amazing. The results were worth it and more. As some who always try to stay in shape, its great to work with a trainer and challenge yourself, it's the only way the truly get where you want to be. Prestige helped me to take my results to the next level. I couldn't recommend them more."

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