A hall mark Prestige transformation and
legend that is DJ Blaire Suarez.

An amazing muscle up and getting strong transformation. One of original and best male transformations we've seen. In just 12 weeks he went from being out of shape, to in the best shape of his life. His training consisted of 3 personal training sessions per week and the level of intensity in these sessions were amazing. Blaire is true example of somebody enjoying their training and excelling at it quickly. We covered all aspects of training from one day and stuck to a strict dieting regime.

In the first few weeks we already noticed a big difference. The performance of his sessions were better by the day. His endurance levels for fitness shot through the roof, and his strength even better. We trained functionally at the beginning on a lot of body weight work. When your a first getting back into exercise, it's always a good approach to take. During your training you will on cover strong points and how to harness them. But building up a solid base in all areas is crucial to getting there first.

Its refreshing to see somebody who is functionally fit and not just strong at lifting weights. Our training was varied, we covered eveything possible and the results were exceptional. From the first 5 sessions we had achieved personal best in press ups was performing dynamic bodyweight training. His endurance on cardio tripled and tolerance to it jumped up very high. There were some sessions we used hit intensives circuits training for a warm up before moving into the core exercise, showing great early signs of getting fit. In keeping with the way we do things at Prestige, we covered a full spectrum program that addressed absolutely everything and took his results in every aspect to new heights.

Blaire transformation

4 Weeks

Bustling out of his body, in just 4 weeks his muscle gain was incredible. He'd been extra disciplined on his diet and was training more outside of personal training too. Some days he would be training twice a day, each time giving 100% into his performance. His progress is extremely impressive and reminds us, that when you follow your diet and training to your best of your ability, you should expect to see fast results. He would say, over the years he'd been in and out of shape, but never anything like this. It was a combination of being pushed through crucial reps boundaries and also being focused for a longer period of time than usual.

Diet was a key talking point in the early days. We spoke about it a lot of times and answered the normal questions. We all know people who have certain rituals diet rituals and that can sometimes be confusing. Our approach to dieting is always the simple one. Yes, you can go very in depth and sport specific. But most of the time we've seen it to be counter productive. On our initial conversations when speaking about supplement protocols, we didn't use any of this. It was simply, keep your food tight and it regular. This is how we're going to see better results.

By week 6 he had a 6 pack. His body fat dropped around 8% and his muscle gain was up in the kilograms. A new landscape to his body taken place creating pure athletic form. From week 6 he continued to train intensely, moving into a constant 2 x per day regime. We figured out early which type of training he was responding to and also implemented well coordinated rest days too. At week 6-8 he would say he's in the best shape of his life already. But he wasn't basing this on the way he looked, but way he felt. This is what a Prestige transformation is. We aim to achieve the full circle of results, in mindset and how you feel opposed to just physical perks. It was pure accident we discovered his 6 pack as we wasn't chasing this. It proves working hard will always pay off.

Blaire transformation

8 weeks

From week 8-12 sky was the limit. We knew we had achieved something special here. His body responded to training like nothing else. He successfully completely 60 days on a strict diet and pushing boundaries. Then completed even more. At week 8-12 we treated it like an athlete would. We wanted to see how far he could go and what he could really achieve. The focal point for the results here is the mindset. When the mindset is locked in place, you can achieve anything.

Week on week from day one his strength improved. Key movements such as bench press and squats, sometimes felt unlimited in what we could do. We seen the increments increase weekly and tolerance to muscle stress follow suit. At week 10, we came back to the diet to see what we could do to improve it. We spoke about things like protein shakes to supplement an intensive training routine. But we continued to eat a balanced eating plan instead which consisted of rice, chicken and veg. We never like to complicate things if its working and have proven on many the transformation food responds better to your body when its simple. In the later stages of your training you can apply new protocols or when its feels right. This consistent direction propelled our results right into week 12.

12 weeks

Week 12 his muscles were at peak. They were full. He increased size and yielded great athlete definition. He lost even more body fat around 10% from start at this point and his abs looked amazing. The body fat came off from his sides, creating great depth and synergy between his core and back. A true athletes figure was born and equalled with athletes strength too. A hall of fame success of Prestige, we set standard of what can be accomplished in this time, but also on the level of development you can make in your self too. After 3 months personal training he was lifted and would say he feels like a whole new person. His energy were through the roof and channel this into everything he did. Incredible work our friend, and to many more results.

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