David loses 42 Pounds! (Part 1)

David had just come back from traveling. He spent an amazing 14 months traveling the world, seeing the sights and living the good life. He was always mindful of watching what he ate while traveling, but in foreign countries and sometimes remote locations; it was tricky sometimes to find healthy food or even fresh ingredients.

But hey, hats off, he had an amazing time, that's what it’s all about!

david training at prestige fitness

David gained around 3 stone (42 pounds) while traveling. We're not going to dwell on what he ate or should have eaten ;)

However, David’s determination to come back and do something about it, well that was impressive.

The training.

Our training consisted of cardio and weight training. As you can see from the picture, he's not only lost weight; but he’s changed his body composition too. At Prestige this is what we are all about. In fairness David could have just hit the gym and lost some of that timber; but he wouldn't have built muscle or tone that way; even strength.

He worked his behind off as we expect from our clients and got this level of results in less than 12 weeks. Yup, top man.

david training at prestige fitness

The structure.

We structured his training to be smart and effective in the sessions. We trained 3 days a week with a combination of weight training and cardio. David supplemented the rest of his training with 2 simple swims a week; which also got him mega fit. /p>

David got strong fast. He went from squatting 40kg, right up 80-100kg in simply weeks. The changes were almost immediate and the training reflected this. It was down to his consistency, in both his diet and exercise regime. Straight from the off we planned to increase the workouts every single week, to simply challenge him more. Like a duck to water, he didn't let us down.

david training at prestige fitness

By the 8th week in particular, we really started to notice some abs. His waist line had shrunk unbelievably, and we have some cheeky abs poking through to say hello! But you know Prestige, this was no accident. We'd actually shredded so much weight in the first 4 weeks; we had to give him an immense abs workout routine to keep up.

One happy person David certainly is. We are thrilled yet again at what we can achieve for our clients. The secret to his fast transformation was pure commitment and consistency. From day one he made a plan and just stuck to it.

We are going to be showing you exactly just how Dave did it. In this 3 part blog we will be explaining how he literally melted the fat off his stomach in such a short space of time.

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