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I got leaner, I got stronger

Professional bootcamper Fiona says personal training was one of the best training she's ever done, and did it twice! Her back ground was group exercise and military bootcamps, which she really enjoyed! But because it was very general, intense yes but not targeted for the goals she wanted, she leaned towards personal training to get better results.

Her diet was one of the main focus points she wanted to address during training. 1. get a set program 2. create new lifestyle habits. 3. Learn new healthy alternatives to the current food she was eating. Her eating was actually good, but the problem area was traveling a lot and knowing how to eat around this. Despite having a rigorous training regime, a busy lifestyle caused her to have sporadic cravings and diet imbalance. But with a new structure and training plan we very quickly identified areas the improve and did exactly that.

Fiona's 12 week transformation was impressive to say the least. It wasn't all about the physical results for her, even though she said she "would like a beach body." It was about learning new habits and implementing them for the better. Within the first 4 weeks, she had already melted down a majority of excess body fat. Within 8 weeks, she'd lost over a stone, and 12 weeks reshaped her body.

The results were very noticeable in her training too. Her bootcamp performance went through the roof. Running was easier, her endurance miles better - and could actually for the first time run for miles on end. Most impressively was her strength; she'd never been able to complete full press ups before and said right from day one "my aim is to do press ups." By week 5 she was doing sets of 30 with great form as walk in the park.

As a client this is rewarding for us to achieve an all round effect from training. We all want the results. But when you benefit mentality too i.e; learn new ways to lead a healthier life style and excel in other areas,such as sport or recreation: this is rewarding. It was such as success she trained twice; the second to get in shape for a wedding. She continued to harness her new found strength and create more exceptional results, another amazing all round success story.

"Personal training is a lot more intense than bootcamps. I find exercise classes to make you tired, but personal training you feel drained.. as in completely using every single one of your muscles fully. I'd never done weight training before, and this was a big part of my training. It was great to improve my strength, and become really toned. It was tough, but i know how to train now for the results I want. My diet has completely changed; I don't get the slumps or crash any more, and it's easy! I enjoy eating healthy and finding the balance! Thank you."

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