Remarkable Rick

Remarkable Rick's Transformation

The remarkable rick. It's truly an honour to write this story. Ricks the guy who's been battling the beast for years. Theres been times when he's been fit as a fiddle, and times where, well he's not. It's been up an down over the years, but in short nothings ever worked for him like this before. And thats exactly what we offer.

Rick came aboard the 12 transformer program determined to do business. He'd been recommended to Prestige from a friend who also achieved amazing results. He new what we did was right for him and wanted to get the best jump start into 2016.

In keeping with the way we do things at Prestige, it's never half measures. We explained to him the Prestige way, and how this time you need to be prepared to do things differently. Rick liked that. I guess motivation is what you sign up for. But when you know it works already from friends and other people it's an exciting prospect.

Weeks 1-12

The first 4 weeks were simply incredible. He was truly getting stuck into his new regime, and loving every minute of it. As with a lot of our transformees; we typically see results in the first 3 weeks. And yet again we did here. The interesting part for us; wasn't just how well his body was responding to training, but better the new mindset being created too. Changing old habits is one thing people struggle with. They simply don't have that will power or better yet; a reason to even bother. So when you're actually enjoying the process this time: feeling good, getting results and people are noticing your changes too. This new mindset naturally falls in place.

Over coming the D word... Diet coke!

Oooh it's a sore topic when talking to passionate trainers! I've got to cover this one, it's education. It's strangely no surprise anymore. People will admit; they are addicted to diet coke. Why? It's strange what a yield it has on you; it must be that carbonated sweet spot it hits, because more people are guzzling the stuff than ever! We all know diet cokes are bad for us.. but do we know how drinking these out of force of habit is even worse?

Cover your eyes if you love the D word! In short; If you're on the diet coke wagon, you've definitely got no diet routine. Reaching for the daily quench isn't being disciplined in any way really; it's pretty much just coasting. For some of us its transitional, i.e when you're changing your diet; you might keep this in there at the beginning to try wein off other bad foods. But for others it's just a way of pretending it's healthier to your self because "it's better than full fat."

It can make you dehydrated like you wouldn't believe. A lot of people drink more of this than water. The more it's involved in your life; the more it takes over. You find yourself chasing the carbonation, which just leaves your body gasping. Secondly, what a lot of people don't know.. it's a lethal appetite suppressant. Ok that sounds like a good thing when trying to regulate your sweet tooth or loose weight? Negative. Your body should be naturally hungry and keep a balanced eating regime. When you subject your body to artificial agents or just gas it out with carbonated fluids all the time; you're conflicting the natural flow. Don't do it.

Top tip!

Being hungry is a good sign. It's your bodies way of telling you it's time to eat. We speak to people a lot who say "I don't eat breakfast because i'm not hungry." This simply means your metabolism isn't working - it's actually dysfunctional at that time. You should be hungry and keeping your energy balanced throughout the day. You can trigger fat burning by simple eating smaller portions more often. If you don't eat frequently your under active energy levels will cause you to retain and gain more fat.

" I've not had any diet coke since we started, i'm so shocked. But it's weird; ever since day one The way you put it to me, I just didn't want it anymore. I kid you not, I've been drinking it for years, I thought this is one thing that really would struggle. Thanks Dave, this is one thing i'm really proud of."

Week 8

The Rik mister was ALL over it. He just came back from New York on business and to my joy learned this didn't even phase him. Hurrah! The mindset was in 6th gear, and he was determined to stick at it regardless. Their had been many more instances along the way like this too. But armed with a new mindset, them challenges kept bouncing off him like it was nothing. Top man, attitude is everything when training.

week 8

This is what makes us happy. We know we can get excellent results for the client, with our track record. But one of the things we are especially good at, is moulding a healthy mindset. And trust me they all say it. It's these distinct changes that come about with new found motivation. They'l always be times when you're 'on it' and not. But if you have experienced first hand the feeling of how it works when it is good. You don't want to slip back to the old you again - it's rather depressing! Feeling great in yourself is a difficult feeling to shake off, it naturally wants to stay!

Week 10

Excitingly drawing closer to that 12 week mark, we new he had done amazing; but he didn't expect how well. Ricks strength and endurance had taken humongous steps. To some, this may be trivial. But when it's something you could never do before, it's huge. He could do press ups! Yes, full, chin to the floor pause a little bit press ups.

One session I asked him to do full ones and his muscles just delivered. It was amazing because at the beginning he couldn't do any. It was a great motivator actually. It's these small steps within the program we love to see and he totally deserved it from his hard work.

His worth ethic was inspiring. When we had time we'd push through and do 2 hour sessions. We said listen; your respecting the program, your doing everything you can and we want the best results for you, it's a pleasure. Now we can't promise this for everyone, but we are committed to service. We are a business, but if you respect and get invested into your program the same way we are in you - providing the conditions are right, of course we'll sort you out. We're not robots like the rest of the industry. We reward hard workers and we're refreshingly passionate about what we do.

Week 12 his body was unrecognisable

"Damn your good."

Before I showed him the pics, I was very honest. I said respectfully, I don't think you realise what your starting point actually was. This is going to shock you, because you've lost a tone of weight and i've been telling you for weeks.

I sat there quite excited, it's always a great moment. He just said very calmly, "ok dam your good." Cheers mate, but you've put in the graft. He was made up. "Hands down, not had a shape like this before or the muscles either." His progress was exceptional. To eradicate what is stones of stubborn body fat and build muscle in this time Is incredible.

In this circumstance its a holy moly amount of body fat - the hardest possible kind to get rid of too, 'loose fat.' This is an all timer for us, and again a privilege having been able to achieve this for him. So, what were his numbers in the end? We don't care about that, we didn't ever discuss how much weight he's lost one bit - we don't believe in it. All you have to do is look at the magnitude of his success. Look at him, look at that!

Rick, you are a star. Huge congratulations and It was a privilege getting to work with you and achieving a standard like this.

Rick before and after

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