Skinny to Muscle.
10kg muscle gain in just 12 weeks.

Skinny to muscle

Changed my entire look and approach to fitness forever!

One of the best male transformations we've achieved at Prestige Fitness. Reece was a typical hard gainer, which means although he was athletic and trained often: his body type wasn't natural built for putting size on, but mostly staying lean. To train some one with this back ground is where expertise, know how and experience comes in. Their isn't such a thing as a one size fits all approach, it relies heavily on knowing the anatomy of the human body, understanding the process of muscle gain and how to apply it to the individual. Correct diet control is crucial, ensuring that every component needed is covered to promote lean muscle gain and not just gaining mass. Combined then with selective exercise techniques that responds to the body efficiently for muscle activation promoting and rapid growth.

The Transformer program here was an immediate and very effective training program. Using 3 specialist training sessions per week we were able to target key muscle groups and allow them to grow properly. To begin with we dedicated a different section of the body 'muscle group' for each training day per week. For example; legs, upper body and core, all trained individually. The diet took a strategic approach and was as bespoke as it could of been. We had a few factors to take into place when designing his transformation diet. As a avid footballer, we had to incorporate the correct amount of food was being eaten each day to fuel not only growing muscle, but extra day to day activities too. This was a new approach for him, however it quickly had a huge impact on his results. Within the first 3 weeks we noticed a broader frame being development, and early signs of a muscular physique, which showed us the type of training selected was working instantly.

Over 12 weeks a massive 10kg of muscle was built and inches were added to his entire frame. A new athletic physique was crafted, and a mature look had developed as if he'd been training for years. This was hugely impressive in many aspects. One being he looked impressive, but secondly; his starting position and how he overcame his natural body type preset. A difficult task to achieve with hard gainers is to place on lean muscle mass i.e keeping their definition whilst building muscle simultaneously. In this situation we achieved wonders. His six pack had evolved massively, retaining and building tone and definition. The landscape of his back and arms had grown significantly and his strength gains went through the roof. This is the result of adaptive dieting. Which means knowing how to change a diet to adapt the way the body grows, and when you get this correct, results like these are born. A massive 10kg of muscle gain for a hard gainer in just 12 weeks.

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