the prestige standard

Our Standard.

Prestige Fitness pioneers the leading personal training services across the world, in some of the best places on the planet, including Manchester, London and LA. When it comes to service, we only want the best for our clients. Where ever we are and no matter what we do, when you come to Prestige, you know you're getting the best.

Prestige Fitness is the only Personal training company in the world to have an official code of conduct when it comes to service. This is our way. You may have heard of 5 star hotels. You may have heard of Michelin stars, or celebrity restaurants. Well now when it comes to personal training, you know The Prestige Standard. This is endorsed by some of the biggest names and brands in the world.

We don't blend in. We don't do ordinary.

We believe when a client pays for a service, that going above and beyond is merely a basic. We believe that leading a professional lifestyle and providing a professional service is just a given. We believe that to get the best from our clients we have to give the best. It's something you can't teach, you just simply want to do.

"Living a way you simply can't teach"

Some personal trainers may offer you the latest shiny gym in your area. Others offer you promises and results like no other. But what they can't offer you is the Prestige Standard.

the prestige standard

Our Culture

Words from Founder Dave Don

"Welcome to the world of Prestige Fitness. We believe in living a lifestyle that exudes excellence is a given for being personal trainers. We inspire our clients by doing what they expect and being the result ourselves.

You won't see Prestige partying. You won't see Prestige drinking; you won't see us being anything less than a 6 pack, because we don't do it. We only do what we believe is an absolute given... The Prestige Standard."

If our clients pay 5 Pence or £5; it's no different to us. Every client is treated with a consistent service that stands tall among anything you've seen. The Prestige Standard is a way of life. We live it, breathe it, worship it. This is our commitment to you; that our team work differently. Personal Training is a service which requires expectation.

Our Prestige Standards are a way of life. Professionally and personally we keep you sharp, by staying sharper. We keep you motivated by living ourselves the expectation you desire. Our way, is living a life that exudes what the best training means.

the prestige standard

Our code of conduct - Leading by example.

Prestige Fitness evokes the highest standards of personal training in the world. Our commitment to being the best for our clients; breeds only the kind of trainer who wants to be the best. Our standard is recognised around the globe and this is why Prestige Fitness is responsible for the best results in fitness.


Leading by example, Prestige Trainers are not allowed to drink while employed or operating under the Prestige Fitness banner at all times. This applies in every social and professional situation. Prestige trainers commit to leading by example and never touching a drop of alcohol in their personal lives or as a professional personal trainer.

We lead by example; what being a personal trainer means.

Being In shape

Leading by example, Prestige Trainers must be in shape at all times. A minimum requirement for our male trainers is a 6 pack and for women a toned mid-section. We commit to showing you how your results are going to look by having them ourselves. This is our way.

Living a Professional Lifestyle

Leading by example Prestige Personal Trainers do not display a party lifestyle. Prestige trainers lead a professional life style that advocates professional conduct at all times. We enjoy our lives graciously but commit to retaining an appropriate conduct that speaks for itself. Prestige trainers celebrate with health.

The Work Ethic

Prestige Fitness has the hardest working personal trainers in the world. We deliver unrivalled results for our clients by working as far as our bodies will take us. We believe in leading by example, this sets the standard of what to expect when working with Prestige. We always have fun doing it, but we work harder than any one for our clients. This is our culture.

Eating Healthy

Leading by example Prestige Trainers eat and live by a healthy diet. We find the best meal plans in the world and advocate a full time healthy diet commitment. Because we know 'how' to eat healthy and still enjoy our diets we don't need to be unhealthy. We lead by example by following a healthy diet at all times.

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the prestige standard

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