Three Peaks Challenge

Three Peaks Challenge

Join the UK's best Three Peaks Challenge in Partnership with Prestige Fitness.

As named the UK's leading Three Peak Challenge, we're thrilled to offer you a unique Peaks experience like no other. Completing one of the most beloved adventures Britain has to offer, we take great pride in providing the best customer service and hassle-free events available anywhere, a standard delivered in all of our events.

Unlike our industry counterparts of substandard organisers and inadequately equipped- throw together 'friends trips". We are a professional service, for groups and parties who want to be lead safely and swimmingly through one of the more scrupulous challenges out there.

From the best in the business, our staggering collective of outdoors specialists provides experts with a latitudinous range of backgrounds from the army, survival and special services. Outdoor, Alpine and mountaineering experts registered by the Britsh Mountain Association. And rigorously experienced team leaders, whose meticulous event planning and uncanny attention to detail, hold principally client safety above all, at all times.

Our service is a one-stop shop that encompasses all areas of event preparation including approved physical course training completely free, yep amazing.

We have fun

We won't deny it, Our Three Peaks Challenge events can be hard work, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun. Why shouldn't it be? Exploring the outdoors in many ways is like being a kid again. You're discovering new places all the time and you'll recapture the delight every kid gets from achieving things all by themselves. We also like to get together and let out hair down. Our pre-Three Peaks events are a great opportunity to meet new friends, your fellow Peakers whom most go on to say become friends for life! And we're even joined by past students too, we think that says something about us.

Three Peaks Challenge

GetPeaked is a different class:

Like Bear Grylls? Then you will love team GP. Qualified to lead from the Amazon forests of Kilimanjaro, the desolate salt flats of Death Valley, Mont Blanc's perilous ridges to the base camp of Mt Everest. Other than Bear Gryll's himself we couldn't imagine or find, anyone better; he's totally awesome by the way. Using our vast network of rigorously experienced mountain professionals and survival experts built up from many years of specialized experience to source the very best people and of course at the highest standards possible; as we say we wouldn't describe our team, as guides or leaders, as they're simple mountains more than that.

Vetted through the British Mountain Association and secondary essential mountain body, our none 'run of the mill organizers' are some of the best outdoors specialist in the business; with an attitude to match it. From our Three Peaks Challenge events or any Global Adventure, we are here to simply ensure you achieve one of the most rewarding adventures of your life.

Three Peaks Challenge


It's at the heart of everything that we do here. When you join our Three Peaks events, you won't just be another sign-up, you'll be a part of our family and treated as such from the moment you join. It goes without saying, we're known for our remarkable.. ok, industry-leading service, from creating you and everyone in your party a bespoke training programme, amazing right? To bagging you your perfect seat in our luxuriously comfy rides. To endless contact with your assigned welfare officers, we have your back every step of the way. It's what we do.

Three Peaks Challenge

Workouts designed to perform

A service you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere in the adventure world, let alone the UK. We will support you in your challenge development from the moment you join to our famous follow-up aftercare. We give you and each member of your group a fully bespoke training programme with all the bells and whistles to ensure you're up you're up to your 'peak' performance for your challenge. Our partnership with Prestige Fitness - the best personal trainers in the world, meaning if you want to get strong and mean, fit and lean, receive a mountain specific training plan or just lose a couple of pounds before your challenge, we've got you. Now that's something worth shouting about.

Three Peaks Challenge

"Fun! Engaging, warm and rewarding. Rob our group leader made everybody feel at ease and coached the Ittenary down to the letter. Surprisingly I didn't mind the driving part of the trip as we got a chance to learn the history of Scottish/Welsh/English peaks, the leaders are more than happy to share their experience. The Peaks themselves were tough and at times I needed support and a little reminder to why I signed up in the first place- again the guides have a knack of getting things moving when you need it the most. Thrilled to say we completed the challenge in over 25 hours but we're more than happy with this due to the wet starting conditions on Ben. Would verily recommend Get Peaked. Thanks."

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The Three Peaks Challenge is Britains most famous, and probably toughest challenge, perhaps other than a Triathlon! From corporate groups to small private parties, foreign international groups and charity fundraising events. Get Peaked can provide bespoke planning to suit any clients needs. For a free, no-obligation quote, or simple event information; chat comfortably with one of our experts today, and we look forward to Getting Peaked with you soon!

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