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In the spotlight

In the spotlight

Who we are 5 star personal training reputation

  • Award winning Personal Trainers.
  • Fat Loss & body transformation experts.
  • Passionate health & fitness professionals.

What to expect 5 star training experience

  • A fun personal training experience.
  • A friendly workout atmosphere.
  • Professional & individual help.

What we guarantee 5 star results

  • The body you want.
  • A new exercise experience.
  • Beyond comparable service.
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mens personal training manchester

We've got a thing about results

Manchester / London / L.A's
Leading body transformation experts

A standard responsible for some of the best results in fitness. Real revolutionary results & Prestige personal transformations

The standard of personal training you've been waiting for. The transformation you've always wanted. Life changing programs that never existed before.

World leading body transformation experts.

World class training in world class locations.

Manchester - London - L.A

Get the results you want in just 8-12 weeks.

The prestige standard

The Prestige Way

It's how we train you

We focus on training you in the most bespoke and individualised way possible. We use our profound expertise in both female and male transformation which from day one is set out to achieve the best results for you possible. We know everyone is different, that's why our all round approach and personalisation is at the forefront of our training. Leaving no variable to chance but covering all aspects of personal nutrition, lifestyle, training and motivation.

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life changing results in Manchester
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Join the Prestige blog! Our weekly update on our amazing transformations stories and inspirations of the week. Top secret training tips on how to melt fat away in just days and amazing unseen training videos and articles, featuring familiar faces teaching you how to get results like our clients in just 3 weeks. All and more new ways to reach your goals in the Prestige blog live.

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Our Programs

Leading fitness expert David Donaldson,
founder of Prestige Fitness:

"We have designed some of the upmost complete and results driven personal training programs available to fitness. The way we train you, the individualisation and standard of personal training we offer is why our programs are able to deliver some of the best results for you possible.

You can always be the best version of yourself; you just have to want it bad enough. Get in your zone, be humble, be happy and focus on yourself. Get a little bit selfish sometimes and get in the best shape of your life. It's that simple."

David Donaldson

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Personal Training in

Our facilities are spread between 3 Manchester private personal training gyms. Our locations are private, meaning your personal training appointments will only ever be you and your trainer. We offer the most bespoke personal training and focus on entirely getting you results.

1. 1 George Leigh street M4 5DL

2. 3 Piccadilly Place, 2nd Floor, M1 3BN

3. 8 Newton Street, Manchester, M1 2AN

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Personal Training in

Named the most exclusive personal training in the world. Prestige London offers you our famous transformation programs at the luxury of your home, or our private gyms situated in Mayfair, Chelsea and Battersea. Available for 1-1, doubles or groups personal training. Prestige Fitness offers you the most elite and results driven training available to fitness.

1. Mayfair

2. Chelsea

3. Battersea

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