6 Week 6 pack transformation

6 Week 6 pack transformation

A serious 6 week transformation. From being out of shape, having no muscle mass to being sculpted with a 6 pack. This is a reflection of how quickly and effectively our programmes work. Dave was a regular office worker trying to eat healthy and just go running a few times per week. He had little experience with lifting weights and wanted to get in shape for up coming holidays.

Daves starting shape was high body fat and low on muscle mass. He wanted to increase muscle and really reduce his fat to draw out a athletic physique. Diet was a key issue to be addressed - he always tried to stay healthy, eat fruits and have reasonable evening meals. But, although these were healthy - they weren't set up to fat burning and achieving his ultimate body.

In just 2 weeks the results were happening fast. He took onboard our diet instructions to the letter and day by day his fat was ripping off. He had a new wave of energy and could train harder than before. He reduced the running and concentrated on specific weight training, which he really enjoyed. For a beginner he adopted a range of new training methods, and his body quickly started to grow.

By week 4 we had a 6 pack visible. He had toned up everything: chest, arms, back and his waist firmed up considerably too. This was the first time he felt muscly would say actually "in shape" in his life. At this stage we explained to draw out more muscle and get a true 6 pack you have to tweak a few things in your diet and continue to work harder. As with many of our transformations; momentum and consistency is everything. We very rarely see clients results slow down, they just continue to speed up week by week. By week 6 we had we have a clear transformation from an average unhealthy office worker to a braun and reborn individual. He looked his very best in 6 weeks!

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