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A rapid muscle up transformation. This story of quick success is inspiring. The goals were to be healthy and feel fit again. A busy business owner, who's always on the go sees the benefit that fitness brings all round. In just 8 weeks we were able to achieve an almost impossible standard of physical development.

As a slender body type, referred to as 'hard gainers,' it can be often difficult to place muscle mass on. Within the first 4 weeks we noticed thickness building immediately; as a result of a rigorous and outlined training regime. Within 6 weeks the definition was bursting through and there was full headed definition in each muscle area, showing extraordinary physique development.

Kilograms of muscle not just pounds were gained, yet his overall body fat was lower too. His definition had reached new heights showcasing his intensive training efforts paying off. In just 8 weeks, a new body was created. We had muscles in new places and the strength and performance to go with it too. From just day one, where he wanted to get healthy. He exceeded these initial goals and more.

A reflection and true example of what we can achieve for you with the correct know how, experience and diet protocols designed for the individual. Those daily results, deliver big weekly development and a level of health and wellbeing you didn't know that was within you. Well done to another exemplary Prestige transformation.

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