Andrew's Transformation

andrews 4 stone transformation

A 4 stone life changing transformation. Andrew is a huge success of our 12 week transformer programme.. He came to us wanting to get fit and feel healthy; but mainly to get that extra motivation and push he needed.


Diet played a key role in his progress. He went from eating very high carb foods; that although weren't terribly unhealthy, their was mostly too much of it. He would cook all his own food fresh, in an attempt to actually be healthy.. but with the nature of dieting, the foods he deemed healthy turned out to be the ones putting on the weight.

Our transformations continually see this level of success. For weight loss goals - we see BIG transformations in people; taking them far past that level where they usually stop. To lose 4 stone in 12 weeks is incredible; but at the same time no surprise as to reflect how hard our clients work and become committed during training.

"It was easy!"

Clients like Andrew become super motivated from the realisation that yes results are possible with a balance. When the penny drops;- that they can find a balance of training and dieting that works for them and see still drastic change, then as they say; "its easier than they thought it would be."

His routine consisted of 3 intense personal training sessions per week and taking up running for the first time in his life. With a training regime that included new challenges like running, it made it engagement and designed a tangible structure for him. The pay off is hard earned, but deeply rewarding; especially when you're out of your comfort zone.

Prestige are dedicated to delivering results. We have a standard for personal training which is to take you beyond your general comfort zone of just getting fit and becoming healthy; but to show you with a little hard work, you can achieve things you didn't think were possible. We want you to become the best version of yourself: 1. mentality, 2. in your strength and 3. in the way you feel too. It's our mission to show you; how when following a programme with the correct know how and direction, you can get to a new place.

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