bills 12 week transformation

Bill's Life Changing Transformation

A hall mark, ultimate prestige transformation. Bill is your average guy. He works hard, long unforgiving hours that leaves no room to think about getting fit and sticking to a diet. The food he ate was as he describes, "everyday food." Average, unplanned on the go, foods that does its job.

This is a transformation which is particular to changing somebody's mind set to such a level, that it positively impacted every area of his life. This is what our training is all about. We do offer incredible aesthetic results and push you to a level you're not use too. But we focus on creating a new mindset that carries through everything you do

The lessons he learned in this remarkable 12-week transformation are vast. He would say countlessly, "just how he feels like an entirely new person," and shocked to how far he's come. I was overweight, I was unhealthy and I wanted to improve me." The new routine and life style habits created, he would say will last a life time. On top of achieving the best physical results of his life, this transformation exceeded his expectations to a level he didn't imagine was possible.

The beginning was tough

After just 6 sessions in, I was already training as hard as I ever have in my life. I'll be honest, I had my moments and thought am I really going to get through this, yes it's tough work. David my trainer reassured me that even in the short few sessions already, I had come on leaps and bounds; and after the first couple of weeks will be conditioned to the intensity of training, and surely enough he was right.

I remember looking back at week 1, not being able to do 10 press ups. Session 2, week 3 I was pushing out 50 like it was nothing - the results in my performance was frankly ridiculous but I loved it.

Quite quickly I found that my attitude changed. I've always dragged my feet when it comes to training. My gym membership has been sitting there for years, obviously barely being used. I have a job with night shifts, so the challenge, or excuse I’ve always used is sleeping patterns change. But I released, that’s that and If I want to change I've got to just do it. And It was only within the first 3 weeks, I found noticed the difference in what training does for you. I was finishing work, hitting the gym and getting miles better sleep to. Energy becomes more available and quality of life definitely improves.

training was tough at beginning

My results stunned me

I'm a realistic type of guy. I wanted a personal trainer to help me get fit again, I'm in my mid 40's my priority is being healthy and looking good would be a bonus. I was amazed at how quickly my body was changing. I was getting fitter every day, but could see the physical changes to. I was only 4 weeks in my 12 weeks’ program and had lost a stone. My stomach has drastically reduced and I had muscles in all kinds of places, it was shocking but exciting; I knew then, that I could go on to achieve pretty amazing results and wanted to really get in my zone and focus further.

When other people start noticing, it's great. I always say people call it as they see it and to be that person achieving for a change feels great. My routine has completely shifted. I now prioritise training and always find time for it one way or another. My job lets me finish in the early hours or the morning but that doesn't stop me. I would always train as If I didn't I would then feel sluggish.

It's really interesting around 6 weeks in, there was one week where I had double shifts and just couldn't get to train. I felt tired, I felt like I was going backwards and this had a knock effect on my diet too. It's crazy when you get to a certain level of fitness your body doesn't want to let go and it will remind you on that. This was that turning point for me, I knew I had to knuckle down.

bills results stunned him

Getting a 6 pack

At week 8 we did some after photos and it was quite clear the stomach I had been carrying around for the last 20 years had vanished. There was definition and my abs felt solid. I new I had lost a lot but not that much. I never imagined at my age i'd be on track for a 6 pack. Over weeks, we adjusted my training more. We set out to maximising tone and taking off even as much fat as possible. The diet was easy, I never had any issues with the food my trainers give me. It was always enjoyable and the family loved the healthy meals too. I'm very grateful to Prestige. They are so supportive and have purely the best intentions for you to succeed. My motivation levels were at a peak and I felt like I could achieve anything. The training was intense and varied, but the program was clear with a results driven objective. That's what I wanted too.

I forgot where my starting point was and focused on the new me. By week 10 and 11 my muscle gains were personally unrecognisable. I did have muscle in new places and my overall shape was awesome. My chest had built and firmed, my arms were bigger and core felt super strong. Towards the end of training we introduced some advanced core movements that continued to challenge me further. Yes, they don't let up, you are always work, even when you're doing well! Come week 12, I felt good, really good. Aesthetically, yes, I was more than I could have dreamed of, but my head space for unrecognisable. The changes were eye opening and have changed my long term. I know what I should be doing to grow further and the truth is, it’s easy. Prestige are the best at what they do, if you want to just go for in, don't mess about book in and do it, best 12 weeks you will ever spend.

bill gaining a 6 pack

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