Chris melted his fat away and
revealed his 6 pack.

Chris fat loss

Really excited to see the difference

He was renowned for eating all the worst foods imaginable. Kebabs: booze, pizza, sweets, any take outs you name it. It took two weeks of melting down fat, training the hardest in his life ever and getting healthy to realise what he was doing to himself. "2 weeks of no booze or bad food + hard training = results.... Hard work doesn't stop now!

Chris trained 3 days a week on our transformer program. We started by cleaning up his diet and explained, the life style choices he was making; although some were ok - weren't fully set up for making any real progress.

Chris would eat typical foods like beans on toast, or large volumes of fruit; protesting that they were healthy. But with best efforts his body never seemed to changed. After a really precise wake up call with his nutrition and a specially designed day by day eating plan, Chris was shocked at how quickly his body changed. In fact, two weeks later, the early signs of his six pack were already showing.

Within the first two weeks, Chris had changed so much, his body fat melted down drawing out impressive muscularity. This was a result from intensive cardio and correct resistance training selected carefully for his body. Chris was feeling amazing, for the first time in years, his energy levels were in check and the benefits of new health.

"Personal training at Prestige in Manchester, was one of the best decisions i've ever made. I'd seen the results they got for other people and felt like I needed proper direction for my body. The training was tough, but it was really exciting to be disciplined and organised with my training. Within two weeks, I noticed the change. I'm quite taken back with it actually, and I don't think I will eat or look the same ever again. Thank you Prestige, and to any one who needs to get back on track or pretty much wants their dream body, I'd 100% train with Prestige.

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