Claire's 8 Week Transformation (Part 1)

Claire Armitage. Guest Manager at The Double Tree Manchester.

8 Week Transformation at Prestige. Part 1.

claires 8 week transformation

Where do we start with Claire. I know! High Five!

Claire is one of the best transformations we've achieved to date at Prestige Fitness. 8 weeks, start to finish Claire pushed herself harder than ever before; and got the body, fitness and results she wanted.

Claire's head to toe reformation was impressive. She took the bull by the horns, dedicated herself to the program, and maximised her changes on a daily basis. And it really was daily; every time we saw her!

Claire has done the full shebang before. She's tried bootcamps, done a little personal training; she's joined gyms and even tried the diet thing. In the past she has got some good results; lost some weight, got fitter and felt better in herself... but that only lasted for a short while.

Like most people she needed real motivation to get to where she wanted to be. And let me point out; this wasn't even to get a great body, it was actually to feel fit again and reclaim herself. Which is humble and definitely the attitude we like to see. So getting a great body in this situation was a bonus!

A transformation to Prestige Fitness is bit of everything. We don't measure this just on how good somebody looks. It's about the mind set and where they started from. Yes as a basic, we get our clients to look immense. But when they get into that mental head space of feeling amazing; in mind, body and soul, then yep that is a 'True Prestige Transformation'; and as mentioned, Claire's outlook was to simply feel herself again.

claires 8 week transformation

Results on a daily basis.

In our consultation I was like "Yep that’s a basic, so this is what we're really going to do". I think that when most clients start to see results in any way that it is super inspiring. But when a client see's results every single day... wow then this just blows it out the water.

Claire's motivation just climbed and peaked every single week on the program; with a rock solid attitude to "stay on the program" in diet, fitness and mind. She actually went on holiday half way through her program to the lovely Malta! (jealous) and even continued her fitness duties without a flinch or deviation. To say Claire got in the zone during our personal training program is an understatement.

In this multi-part blog, my aim is to document just how Claire managed to change her body every single day for 8 weeks straight. She inspired us all and it's this success that is why we love doing what we do.

I'm going to show you exactly how Claire:

claires 8 week transformation

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Our personal training programs have been recognised first hand by people all over the world. So it's only fair to keep the motivation ball rolling and share the love!

Thanks for reading part one of Claire's Transformation. To read part two, click here.

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