Claire's 8 Week Transformation (Part 2)

Mind Set

Claire trained for 8 weeks solid on our 8 week fat loss program, with the willpower to achieve some of the best goals for herself possible. As a female, she wanted to be in shape, have a toned look and "just look healthy again". This is certainly what she did, with a very determined mindset. Within the first 3 weeks of training, we noticed something special was happening... she was not only getting in shape, but getting in REALLY good shape. Simply, her body was responding to training rapidly, and the quick physical difference was staggering.

In this 3 part blog we wanted to outline what makes a result happen in the first place, and how to harness that result when your body begins to see the change. Well firstly it depends what you want. This is what you need to decide, from the beginning - set the goals you want to achieve and write them down. This makes it official, do you want to take off a few inches? do you want to be toned up, do you want a flat stomach, or do you want to completely change the way you look?

The mind set difference here.

In our lives we all have to succumb to being partially influenced by the means of how we live, for example: work, social obligations and many more commitments that seem inherently designed to test us! But, and yes theres a but... if you're training on a strict training program that promises you results, that is completely set out to get you what you want, then why would you succumb to these natural influences which will always be there... you wouldn't.

In this situation, as a busy manager Claire had to balance lifestyle, work and other things all in one. Typical management roles offer plentiful situations where one must make decisions on food, drinking and even sleep. But one of the winning factors in Claire's success was being organised throughout her training as a given, always. Being disciplined, and keeping the mind set of, why do it to yourself... "You've worked so hard, why have that little drink" etc. One of the main factors to her success was the ability to say no, and execute her diet perfectly under any circumstance, even on holiday!

The importance of perfection, if you want results.

By week 4, she built up an outstanding base for fitness and strength. Her definition had come straight to the surface.. as a result of HARD work. In combination with being completely perfect on her eating program too. After all, your body becomes better at something when you do it for longer, so a perfect month of dieting correctly and training specifically can of course lead to expected rewards. When we transform 'you,' our client, we explain that you have a choice, to maximise your outcome... whats it going to be?

Nutrition goes hand in hand with training. It is crucially important and can be the very defining difference of getting in shape or not. When you're a person who is busy, this doesn't mean you can't commit to dieting. It means you must learn to strike a balance in whatever it is you manage.. because if you don't, you will only be a reflection of a lifestyle that controls you. We've proven on many cases that once you're on top of your training, everything falls into place... and even works better too!

Your transformation is most definitely not only a physical one, but a lifestyle choice too. A new method of providing a new outlook on how to manage your commitments and find the perfect training program that suits it, but also allows you to get results. When you find yourself getting the results you want, the new found motivation will most likely change the way you prioritise certain things in your routine automatically, and most definitely allow more time to something new which quite clearly pays off. When they say "exercise is a way of life," we can definitely understand why, because as a base of something to motivate you and keep you sharp, exercise is something we can all do.

claires 8 week transformation part 2

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