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Good4U produces some of the healthiest products to market. This exciting range offers a multitude of sprouts, seeds and snacks on the go which are packed with flavour. The Good4U range offers us an abundance of meal options and a way to get creative with our food. We're now witnessing a new generation of sprout and seed enthusiast influenced by the products themselves.

For us it means a great way to get vital nutrition you need, particularly when you bring this into a fitness and exercise side aspect. You worry that eating little but often on things like good carbs, higher protein and good fats; that you don't always get the core nutrients in your diet you need. It's a very obvious thing but the greener the food is the better. The more natural and organic something is grown the better. And of course the less sugar certain food has the better.


At Prestige, we eat a mix of all healthy foods. This ranges from some incredible protein sources, to body fuelling carbohydrates and of course green food that super charges your health and immune system. We like salads, we like stir-fries and we like organic mixes of food too. With Good4U, if you're a hardened stir fry lover like us, but want your greens to be even healthier, then you've got a good choice with Good4U.


So we caught up with shelly. Good4U's very own nutritionist and nutrition expert!

We wanted to know the roots in how Good4U was founded. The true benefits it gives and some inspiration of how we can get creative with our food.

Shelly is on the ball. Her insight and nutrition depth is impressive and to say she's good at what she's does would be an understatement.

We all know Good4U produces some of the healthiest foods on the planet. Where does Good4U come from and what core ingredients make the Good4U range so healthy?

Good4U was founded on the back of some very promising research carried out on the benefits of our very own Super Sprout Mix (a mix of sprouted alfalfa, broccoli, radish and clover seeds). A clinical trial carried out by a research team at the University of Ulster demonstrated a reduction in DNA damage when eating Good4U’s Super Sprout mix every day for 2 weeks. This was enough to convince us that sprouted seeds needed to be a staple in every family home. We won top new product with our Super Sprouts in Sainsbury’s in 2005 and the range grew from there. Myself and the development team began sprouting just about anything we could get our hands on – chickpeas, beans, leek, beet, quinoa and sunflower to name a few. It was so exciting watching a tiny seed grow into a beautiful colourful sprout. By 2007 we had over 5 different sprouts on the shelves. The sprouting process is 100% natural and only used heat, light and water. There is enough nutrients in the seed alone to grow into a sprout. We have been producing sprouts safely for over 10 years now and our CEO, Bernie Butler is chair of ESSA and is largely influential in regulating the sprouting industry.

Good4U have a range of delicious meal options, from Super Seed Snacks to a beautiful Lentil Sprout Mix. What would you say is your favourite Good4U food?

That’s so tough, I always find it so difficult to answer this question and I guess it’s because we are constantly innovating and we also have so many new exciting products to choose from. But I guess I’d have to be loyal to my number one and that’s my baby Super Sprouts. Their versatility knows no boundaries, I just love adding them sandwiches, salads and most of all green smoothies in the morning when I want a real pick me up. Blitz them with avocado, pineapple, spinach, apple juice, limes and ice for a refreshing start to your day. If I was to choose my favourite seed mix – I’d have to go with the Chilli as I love a bit of spice. The chilli seeds add a real crunch to dishes but also a nice hit of heat. We will be launching a number of new sweet and savoury mixes over the next few months and this range I LOVE. You get the depth from the spices, the sweetness from the fruit and the smooth and crunchiness from the seeds. Seed are naturally rich in a number of core vitamins and minerals most notably vitamin E which helps to boost skin health and zinc, selenium, and magnesium importing for energy metabolism.

Good4U foods are great to get creative with and can be used in lots of healthy recipes. What is the most popular Good4U dish people whip up?

We see so many creative meals from our Good4U community, especially on Instagram. The most popular are salad bowls topped with one of our roasted seed or sprout mixes, healthy stews or stir-fries with Chilli Seed Mix or Lentil Sprout Mix and we tend to see our sprouts and seeds paired with runny egg or avocado dishes! Then there are more adventurous folk who have made sauces with blended seeds for added flavour and nutrition and sweet potato rosti with seeds for added crunch and nutrition… very inventive! We love seeing all the ideas people have.

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Good4U was recently featured in Vogue for your 'Super Healthy Salads' and 'Super Healthy Sprouts.' What would you say is the new trend for eating your salads, and any suggestions of how we can spice ours up?

One of the biggest trends in the last couple of months has to be spiralizing! This is great if you want to lower the calories of a meal but it’s still important to give your body what it needs nutritionally and that’s where sprouts and seeds come in. Sprouts are one of the most nutritious foods per calorie on the planet and are loaded with valuable protein and fibre. Adding them to your meals is extra easy, just mix through or sprinkle them on top. They don’t require any preparation or cooking!

Another trend is rainbow salads! This is great because not only are they gorgeous to look at but they encourage people to include a large range of veg in one meal! I’ve written a blog before on the different nutrients you get from different coloured vegetables and you can see that here

Keep your salads interesting with different nutritious toppings and change up your dressings, try tahini dressing or home seed pesto

Good4U is stocked across the UK and Europe, What main outlets can we pick up some Good4U Goodness?

You will find us in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Boost Juice Bars in the UK and in Tesco, Supervalu, Centra, Spar, Mace and Independents in Ireland and various independents in France!

So there you go, time to get some goodness down you! I think it's made us crave us some just talking about it!

We want to know how you are cooking up some goodness in your kitchen.

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Special thanks to the Good4U team and shelly for providing this amazing interview.

Share your Good4U creations with us live.


Writers: David Donaldson, Michelle (Aka Shelly) Nutritionist Good4U.

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