Jessie McClure and David Donaldson race the Preston 10K!

Jessie and david before the preston 10k race

It's no secret Jessie McClure is a Avid fitness goer and transformer success story of Prestige Fitness. Over our training we have accomplished many results together, but a true test of our journey so far was to do a race! We wanted a challenge, we wanted personal bests and we wanted to kick some serious butt! The date was set, the event was booked and Jessie flew in especially to complete the Preston 10K with Prestige. Team USA.

We chose the Preston 10K for the simple reason of it being hilly and intense! and Preston being a beautiful place of course. Jessie has been running half marathons up to the 10k... even the day before our 10K he completed a last minute half. Essentially we wanted a shorter sprint where their was no opportunity for either of us to relax.. so this was absolutely the challenge we needed, and boy was it fun!

From LA to London, Jessie was pumped - new man, literally a new man since we started training. Jet leg, none existent, just an eyes on the prize attitude and ready to give it some. His training up to the 10k had been brilliant. Lots of running and of course intensive personal training. After warming up, and throwing some Team USA V UK banter to the crowd we were ready to get the show on the road!

Jessie and david at start of the preston 10k

The run was amazing. Preston scenery, a roaring crowd of 1500 strong runners and even some mini races inside the run to keep things interesting - surprisingly a competitive crowd! I think it's Jessie - he draws it out in people! Along the way their was a lot of intensity; hills, muddy intervals and even some live stock amongst it. Off the beaten track, the Preston 10K lived up to our intensive expectations.

During the run, as much as we were pacing to our maximum, we still had time to re visit our training plans and how far we'd come already. Did you know Jessie has lost over 40 pounds since he started training.. in 2015 if you're don't do pounds thats about 3 stone! In that time, he's gained muscle in places he's never had before, and of course also learnt how to run! Our flash back to those tough training sessions were kicking in, but it probably distracted us to just how fast we were running.

3K in on a "warmish" September day, we needed a bit of a cool down... so Jessie decided to go for a swim! Didn't really, but it was tempting.

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The trails through the forest and tracks were awesome, I'd run this as a training route any day of the week! We speeded through each Kilometre one by one, until eventually we were faced with the hills of of hell! We actually thought we'd covered them at this point already, sadly no; if you know Preston, you'l know theirs one mega hill right in the city centre!

Un deterred by our oxygen deprived state on the 9th K and with a huge finale hill to face, we kicked in 5th gear and speeded up that hill even more. We were so happy with the pace straight through, it was a consistent speed despite dodging livestock and climbing the three peaks. Its also great to see your hard efforts pay off especially when you feel strong during the race too.

Jessie and david complete the race

We did it! a 10K under our belts and in awesome time too. Sub 27 minutes and a new 10K general world record! Yeah, maybe not, we did sub 1 hour, which was a great time for this course, and a personal best of ours. We wanted to complete a clean race as a total sprint and just hit it hard in our own way.. we certainly did.

We have several races up coming for 2016, and we're even inviting some of you to join us! If you don't already, follow Prestige Fitness and Jessie McClure on twitter - links below and you can find out more.. don't show us up though ;)

Thank you to the Preston 10K team for an awesome run, and you can count the chickens we had to avoid, we'll be seeing you again!

Jessie and david at the finish line

Look at him, he looks like a different person!

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*News* - We are holding several charity races for you to join us across the UK 2016!

Stay tuned for updates, who's team will you be on! Prestige USA, Prestige UK.

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