Jessie McClure Rocks a Half Marathon

Jessie McClure half marathon

Got to say, we're proud of this guy. Jessie has been on a mission in 2015; A mission to better himself both mentally and physically. Taking the bull by the horns and focusing on his training. Jesse has accomplished some pretty amazing work this year.

He says it himself. "It's not always been easy." But one day he decided to do something about it. He decided that he wanted to make a change. Bettering himself to better his life; Hats off our friend, you're rocking it!

Jessie Mantra inspires us. Twitter: @Storagehunters

"New upgrades for my new lifestyle. Preparing myself to be in the best shape mentally, physically, and spiritually in my entire life." ‪#‎inspired‪#‎wontstopfighting ‪#‎loveofmylife ‪#‎muffin

Jessie McClure

If you haven't seen by now. Jesse is one of the latest celebs here in Britain. His career in the UK has boomed. From filming the new UK storage hunters, to talks of his own show, Jessie has been making some serious waves this year.

Jessie is humble. If you see him around, ask for a picture, he's more than happy to support his fans. He's been touring up and down the UK completing challenges, working with sponsors and yep you guessed it training with Prestige.

This year Jesse makes an appearance on UK Storage Hunters.

Also shout out @Seankellycomedy

Sean Kelly Comedy

Jessie becomes The Container King at Plastic Box Shop.

Plastic box shop

Jesse trains with David Donaldson at Prestige Fitness.
Twitter: @PrestigeFitnes

training with prestige fitness

Jesse becomes a food expert at Accrington food festival.

Jesse at Accrington food festival

Oh and let’s not forget, Jesse rode a tank!

jesse in a tank

Yep, not only is Jessie completing half marathons and sticking to a strict training program. He's been working his butt off; which we can only respect and wish him to continue.

On fitness, Jessie maintains a balanced life style of eating the right foods and training up to 5 days a week. Just completing his half marathon, running has been a big part of his training lately. And it's definitely paid off.

We’ll have more on Jessie’s up to’s and training routine soon! If you haven’t already, read our first blog when Jessie was with us in April.

Oh and we might just have some more training surprises for you soon.

You can follow Jessie McClure on:

Twitter: @Storagehunters
Instagram: @Storagehuntersking
and check out his web site too:

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