Muscle I've not seen before transformation

muscle not seen before

A fast 8 week Meltdown, Michaels is a Prestige transformation that worked so fast he, at some points he couldn't keep up! Michael has been trying to lose weight all his life. In the recent years of being a busy London professional, he needed a program that would make the maximum impact in the time available.

In just 3 weeks the results were visible. His strength gains had gone through the roof and the fat loss levels were amazing as he would say. By week 4 and 5 he had already lost 6kg of fat and changed the frame of his body to muscly. He puts it down to diet. Being super disciplined and just making time for the gym every day. He would always be in the gym during his program as the more results he seen the more he wanted to maximise it.

By week 7 his body fat was at a all time lowest. Real definition was showing in his core for the first time in his life and his sides were really firming up too. The muscle gain was incredible, as his fat shrunk he bulked up too looking healthier on a daily basis. As he would say I just feel healthy and can deal with my work load a million times better, it benefits me.

At week 8 Michael had dropped 10% of fat and gained 10kg of muscle. He completely changed his body shape and swears by the new life style and confidence that training it has given him. At week 8 he felt drive, motivated and ready to take on anything. Well done Michael another outstanding transformation!

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