Incredible Paige

Paige's Incredible 8 Week Transformation

Paige’s newly found entrance into our hall of fame as one of the best female transformations we’ve ever produced certainly happened with a bang. We say produced, yes; because she is a direct product of our Prestige Personal Transformation. 1) She got the results she never dreamed of. 2) Gained strength she didn’t think was possible. 3) Had a new look, which only made people envious. 4) Achieved a mindset which as she would say “is so far away from what she use to be.” As a top Prestige Transformation; Prestige and client delivered to each other in keeping with the way we do it. She came in, she new what she wanted and she did it. Bang, zero messing about, she meant business and so do we, perfect.

To try give you a grasp of the way she trained in a 8 week period, and level of results she achieved is difficult. But let me say she truly set the standard and inspired even us; we like to think theirs nothing we haven’t seen/achieved before. But yes, other than people who want to go to bikini body level standards; we’ve never seen some one be more entirely focused to what it is they want from this process and even better? it was effortless, so ridiculously effortless - this is why it’s up there, and why we can get you the results you want, if you're prepared to work for it.

Incredible Paige

We captured Paige’s progress in real time and intended to get that crystal clear photography. We recorded it all; to show you not just an a normal run of the mill end product transformation you see everywhere else. But a REAL in the flesh transition of how we get some one to a outstanding level naturally, earned step by step and rep by rep.

When people say, "wow that’s amazing" we can’t help but agree. Yes it is. We’ve been in the industry along time; we know what qualifies as average when we see it and we understand what women want when it comes to results. This may vary to you reading this but typically; it’s to look good, but not extreme. Extreme is the cut off point for most women and we understand that. A more natural and healthy look is a winner and holds irresistible value. The benefits of looking good on the outside and way of feeling better on the inside is unbeatable; and here’s 10 top points of how exercise does enhance your life:

1. Gets you confident in your own abilities.
2. Extends life expectancy
3. Raises quality of life
4. Look and feel better, dressed or not
5. Be in a better mood
6. Have a stress-free life
7. Be more energetic
8. Become more productive
9. Discover who you are
10. Become harder to kill

Like them, kool right? Thats why It’s exciting to break barriers and achieve an ever new standard for our clients. Its great to see the respect our clients have for the program; knowing how this rewards you back when you execute it with your best. Our mission is to always break barriers and achieve breakthroughs with you every day. We’re committed to simply not being or offering average and if you don't know already - Prestige If you want to exist in the realms of average we’re definitely not for you.

Her goals?

Paige wasn’t driven with the usual vanity, it was refreshing. (Nothing wrong with that btw.) Her core driver was to to become fitter for netball - improve performance and also to learn about what foods she should and shouldn’t be eating. It’s great to exercise our expertise in this occasion; because she came in with a typical misconception some avid sports enjoyers have.. Do I need to eat more because i’m training? The answer is no. It’s pretty simple actually: unless you’re an athlete, have a metabolic condition, or are perhaps a bigger person who needs that amount. You don’t need to be doing all that nonsense of eating 10 meals a day: the protein shakes palaver, weighing food every 2 hours.. it just doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Prime Prestige Philosophy. Eat sleep, rave repeat. No sorry; it’s eat simple, preferably try not to rave if you could..yep, sleep and repeat. Simplicity works. Next time you hear a want to be/ wannabe at the gym talking on some complicated diet; leave them too it. Because 9 times out of 10 they are complicating them selves out of results. Even our bikini model clients have got world standard results by keeping it simple. You’d be unfashionably surprised at the nonsense we here from avid guys and gals at the gym on this side of things. But thats why our clients look better in only 8 weeks than most do in 6 months. P.s if you’re a personal trainer reading this, you should be taking notes.

As you can see from the beginning her body fat was high. She yielded no real shape, lift, definition, and of course looked different. She’l even say her skin improved, because it did - perks of getting healthy people! Ooh shiny. The turning point for Paige was week 3. This very early stage in training; she was getting to a place she’s never reached before. It was great and we explained it’s because she was adopting every crucial variable important to be making this happen. Thats why it's happening so quickly. Snapshot is general training image.

Incredible Paige

Paige’s attitude wasn’t just unique. It was correct.. correct for this. At the beginning she asked questions on everything; diet, training, you name it. And of course our expertise showed no limits; prevailing with only a encyclopaedia of training principles at hand to more than oblige to this proactivity. It's great when you're hungry for more; but more importantly when you understand what you're doing, it makes it easier to do it. She new all the little things would matter in this program. And as a joined learning curve to find new ways to improve her performance; she understood a full circle was the right approach to go into training.

Quote 7 different times she walked through the door - Oh yes we wrote these down.. these are killer real life expressions!

Week 1:

P. "Wow, look at my leg muscles, look how they're getting already.

D. Well yes, you have been doing 6-8 sets of squats.”

Week 2:

“P. I had the best game ever (netball) I felt so strong!

D. Yep, it’s just the beginning.”

Week 3:

“P. Look at my skin, it’s amazing!

D. You look great and thats what we want for you.”

Week 4:

P. “If I new it was this easy, I would have signed up a long time ago.”

Facial expression :0

Week 5:

P. “I just baked a cake for every one and didn’t have a bite!

D. You’re on fire, boom, high five, side five, did you get me some get though five?"

Week 6:

P. “ They’ve all been asking me what i’m doing.

D. They will, I can’t imagine anyone you know getting results like these.”

Week 7:

P. "Best i've ever, ever looked.

D. You've earned it."

Week 8:

We’ll save that one for the end.

Strength not seen before

Her strength and performance was way up there. She embraced every part of her program and gave 100% out put on every rep performed. We do say “you have to put pride in your reps” and this was definitely done; rewarding enormous strength. You may say, “ok she must of been strong anyway.” Absolutely not; she couldn’t do full press ups when she started; and by the time she was finished would incorporate sets of 50-100 as her warm routine. Just to give you an idea of her training; 6-8 sets was a given on everything she did. You have to step out of the average training ruts and try something you haven't done before. To add - if you’re somebody who just trains 3 sets of 12, or just goes heavy all the time.. you will find your body doesn't go anywhere as these old methods are average at best.

Mindset is your best weapon

When something works well it works VERY well. We always say randomly (one of many in the moment examples), if you’re playing darts, do you instinctually want to hit the out side bit or go straight for the bulls eye. Yep thought so. Depending on who's game of dart you're playing firstly (not mine), well you can dance around the edges or you can challenge yourself and go straight for the target. With this mindset for training, more often it pays off. You'd be surprised what you can achieve by getting it right the first time.

The mind set change seen here was phenomenal. As with most people; we seen the change in Paige early and the proof was in the pudding. Results do a lot for your mindset. If you’ve never achieved even alright results before, how can you appreciate what being in great shape feels like? You owe it to yourself to give it a real shot and focus on being your best for a change.

Excuses are old news for us, we’ve seen it all too often, be happy be comfortable and live life, la la la. Great. But if you want more.. and lets be honest, not most, but ALL of us do. Then you have to work for it and earn them. And nothing feels better than being healthy feels.. well unless you like cake; OK most of you right now will be saying cake. But a new mindset, a new focus? it's pretty darn infectious; you'l know if you've experienced them before because you'l say "ah I want to get back how it was." Always chasing that standard that once lived. That new mind set is waiting to break out and you should unlock that potential you envisage - just get it going.

Getting results is a state of mind and more importantly its a commitment to yourself. No one else can do it for you, the choices you make will effect the outcome. With the correct know how, and motivation we draw out this version of you. Behold yet another Prestige Transformation. A look at some one who has achieved life changing results, in just a short space of time. And the best thing about it? they are attainable. Week 8... "No way, that isn't me! " :)

Ask your self:

Do you want to stop wasting your time get real tangible results?

Call us, email us, book yourself in. Because if you start tomorrow, we can ensure you will be 8-12 weeks closer to what you want than you’ve ever been in your life.

Incredible Paige training results
Incredible Paige

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