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Prestige Fitness was invited to the Quorn Cooks event at the underground cookery school in London. As personal trainers and nutritionist we come face to face with Quorn on a daily basis. This could be from enjoying the delicious meals ourselves or discussing the nutritional benefits with our clients.

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I have to say that Quorn really is a great product! If you're not familiar with Quorn then all you have to do is switch your TV on around dinner time and sooner or later 3 x World record holder and Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah will be along to help you. By the way if you honestly didn't know, yes Mo Farah is one of THE spokesmen for Quorn and rightly so, if you have witnessed his legendary world record breaking moments, you will appreciate anything that goes into his system has got to be the beans.

quorn - prestige fitness quorn - prestige fitness quorn - prestige fitness

In a nutshell the Quorn of 2015 is very different and exciting Quorn to the one we once knew as that food vegetarians ate. Quorn has moved with the times and has arrived on our plates as starter, main and desert of opportunities for us to engorge in.

Quorn is a healthy source of protein and contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass. With over 100 products worldwide and a global trend for being 'the' go to meat free alternative, Quorn is a market leader that cares about the footprint and quality of your nutrition. You can visit Quorn here www.quorn.co.uk

quorn - prestige fitness

Excited to hone our cooking skills with some of London's top chefs we came to the underground cookery school to learn how to cook healthy meals using Quorn. Being personal trainers and active healthy eaters, getting creative with our food is a normal thing for us, but doing this with Quorn, wow imagination is the only limit here.

The team had put together a healthy balanced menu of pulled 'pork' buns, green thai curry and a chocolate torte to showcase Quorns versatility. When me and Priya first discovered Thai Green was on the agenda we couldn't believe it! our rumbling bellies had endured a 4 day business trip in London, craving one of our famous homemade bad boys, so arriving to this was just heaven.

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Before we were let loose in the kitchen to cook up a Quorn storm we had a talk on all things Quorn. Now being a professional in the health industry, out of passion I have to vet everything before I can advise a client on the right products or food for them. Fully understanding the little things when it comes to nutrition can make all the difference to your results and health.

This was impressive and reinforces exactly why we should all be having Quorn in our lives. Quorn mince contains 10.9grams of protein per serving, for a meat alternative that's pretty high! Per 75grams of mince it only contains 79 calories which is light for anything under 100grams.

The Quorn core ingredient is called mycroprotein which comes from the truffle family and is chosen for its natural high in fibre qualities and meat like texture it possesses.

The cooking was so fun, lots of laugh and giggles, I actually learnt some basic cooking skills too! The chefs at the underground cookery school are a fantastic bunch, I'd highly recommend them for your corporate function any day. But merits for their cooking excellence and mentoring, the way they taught us how to master these Quorn dishes is what actually makes Quorn so much fun. Kudos on the Quorn Thai Green Curry, I've mentioned it twice now, but blimey its good!

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Sitting down to our tasty Quorn delights, mouths watering and a booming atmosphere we reflected on our new found expertise. The Quorn company since going private has grown strength from strength with a reported sales increase of 20% just in 2014 alone. Quorns consumer demand is wide spread with the famous Quorn sausage being a top seller. You can actually enjoy Quorn with 80% of house hold dishes.

Did you know

quorn - prestige fitness

We learned a lot from #QuornCooks event, it's great to understand the product we are involved in. It's clear to see how only 25% of people who eat Quorn are vegetarians and a huge 75% are everyday meat eaters, and 'choosing' to eat Quorn, speaks for itself.

From a professional standpoint as an accessible meat free alternative, even if you're a sworn carnivore or fitness fanatic that needs your protein intake. I give Quorn a solid 10 out of 10 as an all-round product. This is based on a food that is for one healthy, two incredibly easy to cook with and three, it's obvious, but tastes great.

We want to know how you are cooking up a Quorn storm? tweet us live to @PrestigeFitnes and @quornfoods, the team have lots of ideas to share. A big thank you to the Quorn team for inviting us, and a big thank you to Preston Perfect Photography for catching our best sides!

Author: David Donaldson, guests: Priya Vekaria.

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