Sally's Life Changing Transformation

Sally's Life Changing Transformation

The beginning

"My time with Dave at Prestige Fitness has been one of the best experiences of my life. Before starting personal training, I had a lot of offers from people I knew, but I wanted to work with who I felt would be right for me. Prestige Fitness are not just personal trainers; they are transformation experts. And as I seen before, some of the best in the business. They know how to take people with certain back grounds, fitness histories and change their bodies entirely. I had actually been following them for a while prior to training; and the style they trained people in, their sense of professionalism was extremely impressive to me and inspired me to want to focus this time.

I first met head trainer and owner Dave, which was eye opening. I learned where I had been going wrong for so many years, and yes i'll say wrong because I was. I learned in my first meeting, how to make my diet fit for me in a fresh and exciting way; and also how to do it properly for the results I wanted. For some one who has tried a lot of different ways of trying to lose weight over the years, I needed to know what was right and wrong.

It was great to get a professional opinion and action plan in place to hopefully finally change my body for the last time. It's been a pleasure working with Prestige. The standard they work at is incomparable. The enthusiasm they have just exuberate through their team and you can have peace of mind you're working with the best. I've had such a great time that even my Husband trained with them. And as a regular gym goer him self; he was astonished with the transformation achieved for him too." If you want to be pushed, but progressed, I couldn't recommend them more.

Sally's new adventure

Sally's new adventure

Sally started personal training at Prestige Manchester excited to finally make big changes in her life; and address ALOT of the problem areas she's always wanted to change. Her life span of fitness: dieting, training and being part of weight loss groups has been long over due to change. She never felt like she really got any where; she'd say "they are great for losing a couple of pounds." But they don't teach you the long term habits, or motivate you in the way you need to be to change."

Sally has been training at Prestige for over the last 4 years now. In that time she has achieved many goals. Each time learning ALOT of different skills for her long term weight loss plan, and of course it's been buckets of fun doing so too! At the beginning of her personal training journey, she wanted to get fit again, this was important to her to get a fresh kick start into fitness. She joined our personal training program to gain a new plan and to be pushed. It was refreshing for her, as she experienced for the first time in years what targeted training means. Their was no let up, eveything was business. And she soon discovered how different this was to anything she tried before, excitingly embracing the hard work about to begin.

Changing The Big Girl Inside

"Changing The Big Girl Inside"

"I'll be honest in saying all my life i've felt like a fat person in side. To me, yes that's just how I felt. I spent years and I mean years trying to control my weight. Looking back at my pictures, i'm shocked at how I looked, but equally excited as to how far i've come. When I was younger I wish more people around me told me I had a weight problem. You may say that is tough, but for me it would of motivated me to do something about it.

Weight started to pile on in the early days. I've always had high pressure jobs, which have been: long hours, early starts, leaving little time to think about what I eat. In my early 20s I first started noticing my size was an issue by the clothes I was buying and where I had to shop to find something that fit! Yes of course, I wasn't happy about this, but never really seen it as a huge issue until I got older. I guess this is the same for a lot of people.

With being that big girl all my life, I kind of thought it was normal. I accepted myself, and thought I was actually just big boned. Looking after my diet, ok wasn't all bad. There were periods where I did try to eat healthy. But over the years their was an accumulation of times where I'd just eat for the sake of It too. Learning how to live with that big girl inside was something I just did. But part of my new personal training program was to address these internal issues and get rid of them forever. I can honestly say that was the old me."

Sally was very open about what she wanted to achieve. It was not entirely about the physical goals for her; but to achieve life style balance too. She explained her back ground of being over weight all her life, and having tried to lose weight so many times. Sally is bubbly and whips jokes seamlessly with her very enthusiastic personality style. But we could tell being serious about the approach to this process was important to her and thats why we were going to help.

Personal training the first time!

Sally was in. She was excited to start training and start the journey of changing once and for all. The first couple of weeks we focused on conditioning; which means a combination of all types of training. This is to get her body use to it. After building her fitness levels up and over coming some first tough personal training sessions, we talked more about running and that she wanted to learn how to run!

Personal training the first time

Sally always wanted to run! The idea of it really appealed to her; to be able to "just go out and run." After 3 weeks of personal training, she plucked up the courage to start running as we agreed this would help with her training too. It was also yet another something new for her; but of course she was up for the challenge and being Sally, thought it would the perfect opportunity to do a video!

Above you can find Sally talking about her thermo joggers - I think she was more excited by getting to wear some funky training clothes than the running at first! She talks about learning how to get in that state of mind where you can just go out for a run one day and thats ok. She's never been able to do this, as either her breathing was getting in the way, or she just self conscious she looked silly! We of course understand people have many hang ups about exercise in general or running - but this is what we do, teach the correct ways and build confidence.

At Prestige we have a broad experience in all types training. Coming from a sports back ground of course we not only know how to transform bodies, but train sports specifically too. From training professional athletes, to all kind sports, Sally wanted to get some top tips together so people like her can get up and go. We made a great video which depicted 5 simple techniques of how to get into running, and i've happily placed them below for you too. You can watch or read through those tips here!

Daves 5 running tips
running tips

1) Warm up

Admit it, you don't warm up do you. Don't worry, studies show 80% of regular gym goers don't either. It's important you ALWAYS warm up for any type of exercise; as 20 years down the line: when you develop tight hamstrings, knee injuries or problems of any kind. You will say I wish I did it earlier. Warming up is a preventive measure to look after your body in the long term, and it's something we should all get into the habit of doing. What makes the perfect warm up?

* Pulse raiser - you are about to to start anaerobic training. So you tell your body this. Most people think you perform stretches first but no thats incorrect. You need to perform a decent pulse raiser before start doing anything else. This can be straight forward such as: jogging on the spot. Walking on a treadmill. Perhaps some shadow boxing if you're feeling like a champion, or even some simple shuffling.. if thats your thing too. Never forget, the pulse raiser always comes first.

*Mobilisation - Mimicking the movement you are about to perform. I.e telling your joints how they are about to move. Are you playing football? are you running or are you boxing. You can guess from which type of exercise you're about to do, that you should cover key movements in this type of exercise. If you're running - it needs to be movements which release the vital joints such as: hips, back and knees. This will place fluids between them, and safely ready your body for starting to move more dynamically.

* Stretching - After your mobilisation, this is when you should introduce static stretching. This will lengthen any key muscles such as your hamstrings and quadriceps for moving more. Stretching also helps to prevent build up of lactic acid in muscles by allowing better blood flow too. Most people will jump straight into a little bit of stretching before training, but if you haven't got blood flow to them first; it's like trying stretch a new elastic band... it need to be pliable before use of purpose.

* Second pulse raiser. Most people haven't heard of the second pulse raiser; most personal trainers actually. The second pulser is the 4th component to your full warm up, and is the transition point into your main exercise. Sometimes as you perform static stretching - your body cools down a little bit. So it's advised to perform a second pulse raiser to fully ensure blood is pumping through the muscles just before you enter your main exercise. You can perform the same movements again from your first one pulse raiser, or perform more intensive movements like sprints on the spot, shuttle runs or squat jumps.

2) Breathing

Sounds obvious right, but do you know how to breath properly when running? MOST people we train, don't know how to control their breathing at first; they allow their breathing to control them. The video talks about imagining your self at the count of a beat, for example count: one, two, one two. You want to place a tempo in your mind and run to this beat. Keep a consistent tempo with your running and control your speed levels around this. It's something to focus on. With time it becomes second nature, and you will no longer be relying on 'how long you can last before stopping,' but more how long your legs can sustain because your breathing won't be a problem.

3) Gait

This is something we all need to know. How do your feet land? Well some of us can roll out, or some of us roll in. These are both perfectly fine, but you need to be aware of which foot planter you are so you can tailor your footwear accordingly. Having the correct footwear will improve your running technique and will give you more comfort and maximise performance You can go to your local run store and ask them to do a quick running test. They will simply look at the way you run and recommend what type of trainer or in soles you may need. Gait is something you should definitely look into if you are serious about running in the long term as you're probably going to need those feet for a while.

4) Posture

Does your butt stick out? no really does it. Which type of runner are you? The ones who's as stiff as a board. The ones who's as bouncy as a spring. Or the one who kinda just flops all over the place at best. Posture is important for many things in running; but breathing and efficiency in posture is crucial. Some people run with their head facing down which restricts breathing flow. Some have their shoulders too far back which is a waste of energy. Although their is recommend ways to hold yourself. Ultimately you want to find a happy medium that is best for you, But try not to wack any passers by with them arms swinging every where..

5) Pace

Pace is something you need to measure to become better at your runs. It's a useful practice to get into, to measure how fast you are running per kilometre or mile. Luckily we have mobile apps now that can do this for us, and even set you personal best challenges too. If you are racing any future events such as a short 5k, or intermediate 10k; you need to start pace training very early to understand how to gauge certain variables such as: breathing, speed, and even the correct music play list. For more information on different types of run training you can do, head over to our blogs for lots of unique and more advanced techniques you can apply. PS, we get asked a lot is running effective for weight loss? Yes, but we'd recommend no more than 3 times per week at any distance.

How Sally lost 4 pounds and 7 % body fat in 3 weeks!

Sally before and after

Sally's personal training was been going great! For the first time in her life she was getting fitter, becoming stronger and starting to feel like a new person again. After successfully learning how to run, we wanted to set a new challenge. A transformation challenge and simply try get her to look as amazing as possible. This was the big one for Sally, this is what she wanted to address for all that time. She'd never been able to tone up her mid section, but just lose a few pounds here and there. But this time hopefully with an intense 3 training plan, she would see some big changes.

We set out to complete the challenge of how much she could change in just 3 weeks. This varies from person from person and diet to diet, but golly did Sally do great! As you can see from the picture, she lost a lot body fat, and 7 inches all round. Her mid section had slimed right down changed and for the first time could really picture that beach body happening.

The diet was one of the most interesting sides of this 3 weeks. We asked her to go on a more strict diet than she done before, but strict in the sense that it was the first time she had proper guide lines. The aim was to draw out excess water retention, drop the pounds and to also understand a new day of eating. She was excited to finally get some structure for a change, and also personal trainers who motivated her.

The first part explained was sugar - this has gotta go, like ALL of it. The only sugar we left in her diet was low sugar fruits, to make sure their was still some in there. Secondly we harnessed the power of protein! We always had long talks about 'whats the big deal with protein' and how some people can lose them self in a faddy high protein diet. It was great points raised and we explained that theirs a distinct difference between simply increasing your diet to a higher protein way and being on a completely high protein diet.

Fascinated with her new diet Sally explores some meal options enthusiastically!

Sally's meal options

In the first 14 days of her 3 week kick start, she had noticeable changes already coming through. She talks about feeling leaner and tighter, which is exactly what we wanted to happen for her. It's a positive feeling when you see your hard efforts paying off; sometimes people diet really hard and still don't get the results they're looking for. It just depends how you use that time and is the food you eating actually right? A lot of the time isn't and thats where out experience comes in.

David talks on how it is she achieves these goals with the specific types of training she had been doing. For transformation training, it's very much unique to the person and their fitness levels. Some people we would introduce to weight training from day one, and others who need to build up a base, would do bodyweight to build up strength first. Sally did a combination of everything in our training, which included: cardio, weight training even some strength training too.

We predicted in 3 weeks she would look amazing and she did. As some on who is strong willed, she followed the plan perfectly and everyday for 21 days seen results. This could vary: from the way she felt, to the tightness of her abs, to even how well her skin was glowing. It's a perfect reflection of what we say to our clients - That when you execute your plan properly; sky is the limit and you should expect to change daily. If you don't follow something with 100% of your energy, you simply slow the process down, and thats down to you. Do you want a good body, or great body we say! Sometimes frowned upon through the middle of some press ups, but does the job :)

The results

3 Weeks and the results were there

Sally's starting weight
Sally's starting measurements
Sally before and after

In this 3 week kick start transformation program Sally was able to achieve amazing results. She lost: 4 pounds, 7 inches off her body all round, and reduced her body fat by 6%! You can see from the picture, her stomach area had reduced dramatically and even had definition too. This was the start of great things for Sally, and it had proved to her what she can achieve with the correct training and motivation. She talks about this being her first kick start towards her wedding; but really she was thinking long term. She wanted to be in a place she hadn't achieved before and thats was now finally coming to fruition. Changes happen quick on our programs, some people spend years chasing what they want, when we can literally deliver in weeks.

"It was easy. I mean I did work hard! and Dave really pushed me. It's great to have that support daily; but also know what you should be doing. This 3 weeks for me was just a taste of what I can really do. And in the short time personal training: I've learned how to run, I've lost weight, I look good, feeling more positive than ever. The diet was really easy too, once you get use to it, your body starts working better. No more bloating, no cravings, but actually lots of new energy and my skin was glowing too! I'm hooked!"

Sally weight loss journey part 2

Sally takes her training further with part two of her training journey. You can watch this inspiring video here. She explores the mind set of longer term training. How this effects your lifestyle and even how to bring your friends into the mix. Social support, what people say about your progress and how to use this for more motivation, she cover's it all in her enthusiastic upbeat way.

This first step to her training was really profound in building up a new found love for training again. When we work with clients for the first time, it's almost like a challenge, to prove to them what they can really achieve when they put their mind too it. We do this time in time out. Deliver results that go beyond expected, but also results which last a life time.

At this point Sally had completed a few weeks personal training learning how to run, and 3 of a intense transformation program. Part two shows training over the next 8 weeks and just how far she went. She continues to lose more weight, become even more toned and continue her life changing transformation. Another huge success at Prestige. Click here for part two!

Sally's weight journey part 2

Personal training at Prestige can be taken on our famous transformation programs. These programs allow you to train up to 3 times a week and offer you everything you need to start getting the results you want. Our programs can be found on the prices pages.

We have our 8 week meltdown. Our 12 week transformer, and even our life changing program too. Each one of our programs are designed purely for results and personal accomplishment. We set out to achieve this for you from day one and always say, expect to work hard but achieve the best results of your life. For enquiries call us now and book in your consultation, or simply leave us a message on the enquiry form below. We look forward to starting your new adventure.

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