Steven's Life Changing Transformation

stevens life changing transformation video

A fantastic transformation that highlights the distinct difference in pre and post prestige training. Described as "a life changing journey."


Steven trained on our Life Changer program which involved 4 training sessions per week for 12 weeks. His motivation at the beginning was to start a new training regime that "would achieve some goals," kick start his energy, and try get a flat stomach for the first time in 5 years. Steven hadn't come across a standard like ours before. He's trained here or there, but never felt like he really got any where. As always it goes without saying: we were out to prove to him that, of course he can "achieve some goals," but better yet, achieve them all.

Within 4 weeks of training, we had melted down a majority of his body fat. For the first time in years. His stomach was toned, he had muscle in places he'd never seen before and felt as he describes as "a new person." His quick results surpassed his expectations and only excited him more, as to what potential he can really achieve. On a weekly basis we seen results, after results. Soon after the first month, his body composition really start to change into a lifted, more muscular stature. His 6 pack was on the verge of break through and his body fat had been at an all time lowest. A Truly remarkable standard.

Hand in hand, he would point out the mental results he achieved from our training too. For the first time in years, he felt sharp, felt hugely energised and also enjoyed that feeling of actually being healthy. Seeing results weekly was a huge spur of motivation, and it's this which propelled a fitness journey into something he just hadn't seen before. Within 12 weeks of the Life Changer program he changed his body composition completely, and had a new founded view on both training and dieting forever.

Well done Steven!

Within a month I changed my body shape

"I came to Prestige through a recommendation from a friend who had achieved impressive results. I've had personal trainers before over the past 5 years, but felt that I've never really got any where with them. The thing about Prestige is the structure and motivation. I was first impressed to find out what the type of training was I needed to be doing for my body in order to achieve results, and also to have what I quickly found to be the best personal trainers pushing me to do it.

In the first month I changed my body shape. My new look was incredible, I had energy for the first time in years and felt like it improved my health significantly. The training is definitely like nothing else. I work between Manchester and London and have had over 5 trainers in my time. The reason why I enjoy it, is every session is new. Every session i'm challenged and every session I know I've accomplished something for my body.

I can't say thank you enough to Prestige. All my friends want to know what the secret is, but I say, you just have to be committed and ready to give it your 100%. It's not only been a great learning curve, but a wake up call to how i've been using my time exercising for the last 5 years. Prestige have not only changed my body but changed my mind set dietary wise and showed me how to enjoy it all, while continuing to see results. Thank you."

stevens life changing transformation

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