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A ultra high quality winter jacket that proves a must in your main winter attire.

"CragHoppers specially designed for our DofE-approved range, this new-style lightweight waterproof is perfect for any kitbag that may be short on space but needs to be big on performance".

In winter you opt to buy a jacket which is both functional and affordable. You want a warm and light weight waterproof, that has the ability to sustain most winter type conditions, but also be practical for general use too. A performance based jacket like this, is an invaluable asset to your out doors attire, and should absolutely be favoured as one of your main all round jackets.

The reaction light 2, is a very high quality and robust jacket, which effortlessly exceeds your expectations each time you wear it. The first and obvious appeal is the build.. it's fantastic.

It is ultra warm in the cool climate, and on most occasions, I only need to where a t- shirt underneath. For a jacket which is light - it is enjoyably practical for pretty much all circumstances.

craghoppers performance

I've worn It a number of times now: for the office, after training, and even hill walks. You'd assume you may need an over coat for this light wear jacket when the temperature drops but that's just not the case. It's very warm and occasion friendly, meaning i've found it fit to purpose in almost anything I do.

Crag Hoppers, are one of the leading out door clothing brands. Their attention to detail and build is most impressive throughout all of their ranges. It's because of that standard of finish, they're a definite favourite of mine. This is reflected in the reaction light wear 2 too, because as a light wear performance jacket it effortlessly exceeds your expectations and holds great value for money.

If you are looking for a new multi purpose performance jacket, i'd easily recommend the reaction light 2.

craghoppers performance


You love Madigan’s classic style, but you’d like a longer length for extended coverage? Enter Madigan Long Jacket, featuring the same impressive fabric construction with a longer hem that offers more protection. There’s a zip-off hood for extra protection and plenty of pockets for hiking essentials.

"Quickly become my favourite winter jacket owned to date"

I'm thrilled with this jacket, as it shows just what a great jacket is. The stylish design, the interior quality and the high performing protection against the elements: is brilliant to say the least. The Madigan 2 for a winter jacket/coat for me ticks all the vital boxes. The brushed chin guard keeps you warm and allows the option of opening when hot. The 8 large pockets are perfectly positioned allowing you to easily carry essentials, and more. The long design offers much more protection, keeping you warm but also allowing you to breath. And of course the design is of a high quality, being very impressive to look at.

craghoppers performance

I wear it everyday now, for mainly long walks and commuting. I find it versatile, but actually very reliable too. For everything I would need it for, it fits the bill every time. In times of cold air or cool temperature, it overly resists your typical winter conditions and stays strong throughout.

The Madigan 2 is without doubt at the higher end of out door jackets you could own. For the obvious of it looking very stylish, but mainly on just how well it performs. Unlike most long jackets, it really withstands the weather and always keep you warm. As a water proof, i've yet to get soaked.. as with the jackets outside material; any rain just bounces off. I do find on regular long jackets, the bottom tends to get wet, or can even be cold. So the Madigan is not just a jacket that looks good, but performs even better.

As Crag Hoppers latest edition to the Madigan classic. This hard wear jacket really passes my expectations. It's good because it doesn't have to compromise on style vs functionality and I get plenty of compliments too. It retains heat amazingly well, whilst allowing you to breath. So all in, what more versatility could you want. If you are looking for new high performing winter jacket the Madigan Classic 2 is must have.

craghoppers performance

To find the mens Reaction Lite range/ womens Madigan Classic and more high quality out door wear. Visit Craghoppers official here.

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Written by David Donaldson

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