The Crag Hoppers NosiLife Bayame

Perfectly one of the best training and casual wear tops available from CragHoppers.

This ultra comfortable light long sleeve, in our opinion should be marketed as the next best training top. It brings us great satisfaction to finally, find a range of dual purpose out door and casual wear tops, that make the perfect training top for in the gym too.


Instantly I can only point out the positives. The second it goes on and hits your skin, "it just feels like quality." It's very light wear and fits your body like a glove. The cooling effect feels like it was built for training, but then you're reminded it's good for everything. Out doors, training, smart casual. The Nosi life looks great, feels great and wears even better.


As an agile long sleeve crew neck, it's impressive on the eye.

The long sleeve and crew neck style is for me what makes it so appealing. You want to able to just put in on and go. Get a practical wear but also be comfortable too.

If I was to describe the comfort of the Nosi life range - it has a deluxe texture... very nice, and very high quality. One of the main features is the fast drying design. It makes such a great base top for post training, but also I did 10k run in these too. To only enrich its features further; the top remained cool and completely dry. Yup, really good build.


Crag Hoppers have a wide range of mens out door clothing. From t -shirts, to long sleeve tops and fleeces. From a training stand point, with the average person now venturing across multiple activity platforms. The Crag Hopper range makes the perfect activity/training wear and is highly impressive on style and build.

Crag Hoppers have definitely been a favourite of ours for outdoor wear, but to experience this from a fashionable fitness standpoint, its actually pretty exciting. We would highly recommend The Nosi life for out doors and running, but better yet, even the gym. We've yet to discover such a quality range at an affordable price.

To find the mens Nosi Life range and more high quality out door/ fitness wear visit Craghoppers official here.

A Huge thanks to the Crag Hoppers team.

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Written by David Donaldson

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