Training Storage Hunters
Jessie McClure (Part 1)

Jesse McClure from Storage Hunters and his wife, professional bikini model Ashley McClure training at Prestige Fitness.

When we received the call from L.A saying Storage Hunter star Jesse Mclure wanted to "work with you," boy were we excited! Training stars and all kind of industry profiles is what we do, but being huge fans of the show, we were absolutely pumped!

Jesse McClure - Prestige Fitness

Jesse and Ashely are awesome people, in fact they are hilarious, the laughing and banter we have, always puts me on the floor rolling with stitches, but also puts me in ore of what humble and down to earth people they are.

I love working with Americans to learn more about there culture and the type of training they do across the waters. Jesse was here on business filming the new Storage Hunters UK series and needed a trainer to prep him for filming and Ashley's upcoming bikini competition. We got head hunted straight from L.A, they'd heard about who we work with and transformations we've accomplished, and thought we were right for them... Awesome Prestige Fitness, we must be doing something right!

Jesse's back ground in training is actually pretty strong, he trains kick boxing regularly, pumps weights 5 days a week, and focusses on eating the correct foods.. did i mention he's strong! Ashley as a professional bikini model is 100% 'Lean and Clean' she eats a structured eating plan that combines higher protein and carbs to energise her intense work outs. She supplements with a mix of vitamins minerals and protein, and takes the fitness lifestyle seriously, which i love!

Ashley McClure

This is Ashley McClure incase you were wondering!

This was a great opportunity for me to put my stamp of expertise on the type of training they have been doing. Ashley has trained at a muscle gym for years, that encourage women to be the best they can be and even compete. The culture there is completely different, in Britain maybe 1 out of 10 people will have the same love and discipline they do, ipto facto why America is body beautiful! Americans love fitness, but i mean it, they really do. Why wouldn't you when you have flourishing sun 7 days a week and only live walking distance away from the beach.

As a trainer when you first start with a client, you are trying to convince them to love fitness the same way you do, and as a basic mind set in american gyms and L.A they just do. So when you say today we're doing a Giant Set, Super Set Circuit with 2 hours 'Tabata Training, some Muscle ups, Back Flips, Tyre Throwing and Front Flips as a warm up, they say how many times?

I taught Jessie and Ashley how to improve there training and gear it exactly towards beach body standards. Ashleys typical training consists of cardio and weight training at the same time, what i call 'conditioning.' Have you ever done body pump? its this type of training when you do a 1000 reps of mixed muscle groups over 45 minutes. Now with this being an awesome way to tone, lose weight and get much fitter, it essentially is weight loss training. To development, shape, sculpt your body and accentuate a curvaceous figure, the type of training needs to be specific.

Otherwise known as 'Body Building,' this is a loose term for set muscle group training i.e legs on a Monday, Chest on a Tuesday etc and is correct way to be preparing for a show or even just trying to shape up. I showed Ashley that by dropping the cardio and keeping a great diet, if she just did concentrated on weight training 5 days a week and in essence ripped her muscles rather than just generalising them, she would get better results in a shorter space of time. "Remember, general training gets general results specific training gets great results" thats my quote by the way!

Jesse McClure - Prestige Fitness

Story continued on part 2 and All CREDITS TO - Hardcore Fitness Gym In Northridge California!

World class coaching from Prestige Fitness and amazing to feature this story! But humbly Ashley's core credit goes to the famous and outstanding Hard Core Gym in Santa Monica!

These guys are among the best trainers in Santa Monica & LA and it's a privilege of getting to work with them on an amazing journey. Another one for the Brits and US to collab on! :)

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