Prestige Bootcamps

Prestige Bootcamps

Introducing our 8 week bootcamp, 24 sessions for just £399! Training in small teams of 4-6 people, you can expect an intense, fun and results producing experience. Our semi private personal training programme means you get to experience a value of personal training that cannot be beaten anywhere in Manchester. Your chance to achieve the World Class Prestige Transformation at a fraction of the cost!

Everyone knows the Prestige standard. We take personal training to an all new level and we're proud of it. We ignore the industry and do our own thing, perhaps that's why our results are so acclaimed.. other trainers and gyms are envious, being as they could only dream of having an approach and success rate like ours.

We have a waiting list at all of ours gym because our clients get the best results. Opportunist based fit goers, or side project seekers are not the clients for us. Our way of training requires a more serious approach to yield the best result for you, and all you need to do is start!

our bootcamps in manchester

We offer a private training facility which means you're not pounded by the usual, stack them high sell it cheap sweat boxes, or crushed in with gawking gym members. Our gyms are completely bespoke, personal and are packed with the latest fitness equipment available to fitness.

We want to coach you properly, what carefully structured and physically demanding workouts are all about. Our style and painfully detailed mentoring covers ALL the questions and training quandaries you've ever had.

You ditch what you think you know about training and enter a world class, specific and physically demanding type of training, that prompts faster results than you ever thought possible. Training with your friend, the office know it all or even a seasoned gym goer isn't quite the same as what we do here. Thats why we created Prestige Bootcamps!

What is Semi Private Training?

Our Manchester and London private personal bootcamps are tightly run training sessions from 2-6 people. If you want a easy workout, we suggest sticking to fitness classes as our sessions may not be for you.

Your 3x semi personal training session per week are focused, concise challenging work outs that are designed to incinerate fat. Challenge your fitness beyond, what you could push yourself, and give you a professional results driven atmosphere thats make you accountable for the fitness and body goals you have.

our bootcamps in manchester

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