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At only £380 per month.

It's your chance to get the body you've always wanted at incredible value

Doubles personal training is for exclusive groups of 2 and is a great way to train with your partner, friend or colleague on one of our life changing transformation programs to get the results you've always wanted. Doubles training is designed to push you together, in a structured goal oriented environment to maximize the results you get in the least amount of time.

Results don't make themselves

Cost effective

Doubles training is cost effective and means you can train with us at a discount of our usual personal training prices on our results achieving programs:

Program Name Program Structure Appointments Program Instalments
The Transformer 3x PT (per week for 12 weeks) 36 3x 380 (per person)
The Life Changer 3x PT (per week for 16 weeks) 48 4x 350 (per person)
The Life Changer PRO 3x PT (per week for 20 weeks) 60 5x 330 (per person)

We have been able to deliver you some of our best results this way and offer you a truly remarkable experience. Doubles training allows you to focus on personal training without having to join an open boot camp or shared class. You alongside our expert personal trainers will create an environment which is personal, motivating and challenging to get the most out of you and attain true results. Doubles is suitable for:

You choose your partner and transform together!

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Workouts designed to perform

Your highly performing workouts are designed to be effective and concise. With a results focused structure, your personalized plans will include workouts that are mapped out in very specific detail to pull out your optimum training efforts every single workout.

We will be honest in saying- you must be motivated and ready to push yourself to get the most out of this program. As a golden opportunity to make changes that can impact your health and fitness for the rest of your life; we want you to only maximize your time with us. We say, 'every rep and each workout is a chance to move yourself forward,' so why not give it a 100% of your attention. It's with this attitude a newly founded appreciation towards your exercise will bring you uncharted results.

nutrition plans


Offering you tailored made nutrition plans. Our programs are a one-stop service that includes everything you could need to achieve dietary success.

Nutrition goes hand in hand with attaining peak or improved health and performance, and far to often the finer details and key principles of what it takes to actually change your body effectively are overlooked over by industry professionals. Be prepared to learn nutrition principles that are effective, streamlining-ly easy to integrate into real life and did we mention, very tasty.

where to find us


Located in the heart of Manchester city center, our private gym boasts state of the art equipment and a training space for you can focus in. Your training is private, no we don't share our space with a team of 10 trainers or mounds of clients- you simply work with our experts in the private comfort you deserve. We have training times available from:

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