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Online personal training is for persons who want a program designing who can't reach us at our gyms!

We offer you 8, 12 and 20 week programs
to give you the best possible
results you could achieve.

Our entire culture is based on getting results for you our client, and to achieve only the maximum possible results, in the least amount of time. We are experts in all things health, fitness and body composition. What does body composition mean? It means we know exactly how to change your shape, your weight, your body fat level. How to build muscle, (for men or women), how to get you a stronger and healthier look. And most importantly how to make you feel like a new person.

Proudly and profoundly recognized as "Britain's leading personal trainers", our programs and approach to personal training, has been responsible for some of the best results in fitness. We humbly invite you to explore our client's stories and discover the sheer success people have achieved at Prestige. We are so proud and humbled to achieve such a level of results for you, and continue to harness what fitness calls us "a world class standard." And progress only what we call; is a given for your personal training.


For those who can't come see us in Manchester, London or LA but still want world class coaching and guidance, we offer online personal training that has radically reshaped and transformed many bodies across the world.

Your transformation program includes everything you could need to radically change your body.- Yes it's transformation, because that's what we do.

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An all new you.

Every month we design you a new program, a nutritional audit takes place and you receive a bespoke diet plan. You are constantly progressed in order to achieve your optimal results in the minimum time. Each Sunday you officially check in with your trainer and discuss exactly how your training is developing and share the results you are achieving. Our online program has allowed people from all around the globe to efficiently achieve the results they want from world class personal trainers at a fraction of our in gym personal training. Because of our mentorship and unique methods in facilitating our one to one personal training coaching online, this means you transform and train with Prestige Fitness.


All mapped by experts.

A world class mentor to keep our eye on you at every moment. Your own personal trainer to guide you through every single exercise step by step and show you how to train the real way. We consider this priceless alone. You acquire a mentor, who will work you through exact techniques and crucial variables important in achieving your true physical excellence. But you attain not just anyone...

World class personal trainers who have 'the' proven track records of achieving incredible results with all types of body shapes, ages backgrounds and levels of fitness. Our training is able to identify and personalise specific types of training to your body type. Teaching unavailable to the public world class training methods which accelerate results and performance in the least amount of time. By having this level expertise and mentorship, we can humbly say why our coaching achieves such a level of results.


The foods you 'do and don't eat.'

We ask every new client to keep a food diary of exactly what food you are eating during day and the week. This way we can accurately conduct a full scale audit and diet analysis of your dietary habbits, the foods you and don't eat and also the behaviour patterns around it.

We make positive changes that are particular to how you eat, and tailor your all round eating programs to the way which allows you to get results. Our nutritional plan will fit within your existing life style, and assist you to maximise the results you will be getting. Our view is the word 'diet' is an unhealthy notation. We do not put you on diets. We create enduring healthy eating habbits, which are specific to you own goals and will dictate how we construct a nutritional plan for you which is constantly adjusted to reflect the change your body makes. Depending on your goals we will also map out a full scale supplementation program to enhance your goals.


Your step by step workouts.

This includes full 8, 12 and 16 weeks of workouts. Every single rep of your training is mapped out day for day, and week by week on your program. From cardio to resistance, to active rest days. Your goal specific workouts are mapped out with the detail and knowledge of extensive and comprehensive personal training insight on how we transform our clients in the gym. We are all designed by our own genetics and in order to for us to understand how your body works you complete our assessment forms, on exercise, medical back ground also what you enjoy. Our aim is to motivate and expand your results horizon to only a level of physical excellence - what you can say you've never achieved before.

We are then in a position to write you your master training/diet programs to achieve the fastest possible results in the least amount of time. In line with the way we do things at Prestige, no part of your training is left to chance and we cover every possible variable of your training. Every workout is detailed and mapped out by the day, for the month. This ranges from exactly how many reps you should be lifting, the active rest times you should be taking and amount of weight you should be lifting. We take all the guess work away and let you focus on getting results.

Pre requisites - Be ready to push yourself!

You must be motivated and ready to push your self to get the most out of this program. This may be one of the best opportunities of your life to get the results the way you want them, achieving more results in just weeks than you have in years. You should only be thinking about giving this your all and nothing else. Each workout and meal plans day by day, must be given your 110% attention focus and dedication. We always say every rep and sweat counts. We want this attitude, mindset and promise from you, to unlock your potential and achieve the results you deserve.

We will be with you all the way.

You will get the benefit of our top level expertise and world class coaching at your disposal. Your own personal trainer, who will motivate you will be in contact 24/7 to ensure you are getting the best from your training and nothing is left uncovered. No factors are too small in our coaching and every moment in life that faces a challenge; to those birthday holidays and stuck in work commitments, we face it with you. We will be there to guide you through the process with clever preparation planning and future proof thinking to protect and ensure your results are optimal always. The value for money in our online personal transformations programs are within some of the best seen in fitness. We have been able to effectively produce some of our best results this way and all for an incredible discounted price to our in gym 1-1 personal training.

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Our utmost primary goal is to shock and surprise you nto actually how great you will look. We have a standard of fitness which exacts results by being comprehensive, motivating and providing only proper motivational expertise. We make no secrets in saying expect to achieve the best results of your life. It's common for our clients to achieve better results in 3 weeks than you have all year. And better results in just 6 weeks than you have in your life. Typically you will will melt down a MAJORITY of excess fat in the first 3-6 weeks and the next part of your program is dedicated to sculpting your new physique.


Best online personal training in fitness and incredible value too!

Our programs are made in a simple one off monthly instalment. We like to keep things as simple as possible for you, so you can just focus on getting results. To start your program select and purchase your program below and our personal trainers will be in touch with you today.

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Based in Manchester? All programmes include a free 1-1 in gym personal training consultation.

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So excited with the results.

"I wake up in the morning now and feel like a new person. My new routine of exercising 3 days a week and eating the right way has made everything better for me. I don't have sleep in the afternoon's anymore (I work early), I feel more organised, I have more time for myself and my family, and i'm just really enjoying it and totally buzzed.

In just 4 weeks of training, i've lost my belly, yep its gone - 10 years of gut and body fat. I've built up muscle on my shoulders chest, arms and back. I've improved my strength considerably and i'm loving the way I look. I always thought of myself as not a weight trainer, but after discovering the pump, and mental therapy it gives me, I found it to really enjoyable. My strength has gone through the roof, I love the challenge and love the way i'm feeling to. Everybody at works keeps commenting on how good I look, which is great, but for me it's the way I feel.

Prestige was recommended to me from a friend who achieved the same results. I think it's expected with what they do, they tell you to expect results and push you your hardest to achieve them. The support, mentoring and expertise is impressive, i've also learned a great deal in just 4 weeks. I can only recommend such great personal training and give them merit to the volume of results they've helped me achieve in such a short time. Thank you, and here's to week 8 of my results, excited to see what happens next. "

I love it.

"I go into the supermarket now and see all my favourites chocolates but it just doesn't bother me. I use to be addicted to pepsi max and had to buy a bottle on the way home from work every night, and now it doesn't bother me. All my friends at work don't get how I can eat so clean but actually enjoy my program and also don't acknowledge how easy it is.

They say how amazing i'm looking but claim they can't do the diet i'm on, and i'm like it's not a diet, it's called balance and not just pigging you face everyday, More fool them. The first time in my life, my skin is so fresh. My energy levels are completely normal, and I just don't crave that rubbish any more. it's no big secret really its routine, and training.In the time i've been training properly, I've seen results I didn't expect, and in more than 3 years of boot camping. I know exactly what works for my body and how to train the right way now. Yeah I really do love it, why wouldn't you when it works."

Are you ready to start training and get results?

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