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Prestige Fitness- One of the Worlds Leading Personal trainers have arrived in Dubai.

As one of the leading body transformation experts in fitness, Prestige Dubai brings an exciting new standard to personal training and that of all fitness in the United Emirates. An expansion of our remarkably acclaimed customer service, Prestige offers you a level of consumer attention in line with that of 5-star hotels, focusing on client experience first, that is impeccably matched with the prestigious culture and consumer demand of Dubai. Our focus on attaining your life changing results and stellar health improvement, we view this as a minimum expectation to achieve from your investment. But rather we take priority 'in the customer's journey' by delivering you an unprecedented standard of client care and simply going above and beyond.


We are the leading personal training group that has revolutionized a new standard in personal training. Our world class service leads in the private training sector offering some of the best real body results and transformations seen in fitness. As acclaimed by multiple Men's Health and fitness magazines. Prestige Fitness are World leaders in bespoke personal training, with an ethos that speaks to all levels of fitness, offering programs suitable to any level of fitness and not just already seasoned gym goers. We understand that every person is individual and unique, requiring a handmade approach to bring out the best for them. From our high performing approach to each of our in-gym personal training clients to our bespoke online customers our aim is to simply provide the best personalized fitness service in the city.


Our multi- available online platform allows you to access our exclusive personal training services in Dubai at any time. Prestige Fitness is here to do one very specific job, and that's lead you through the most efficient and time effective transformation you can receive. Our personal trainers are rigorously qualified at degree level with each of our trainers holding at least one strength and performance certification enabling support in every corner of your training. Among being able to offer you a guaranteed real life transformation, our trainers deliver your online program with customer service compared to that seen in a 5-star hotel. As we say, we quite literally move the heavens and earth to ensure you get the results you want. Our online Personal Training is an end to end service that encompasses all aspects of exercise and nutrition including lifestyle tailored workouts. Nutrition styling- country specific, yes! We are super familiar with your local cuisine and can adapt your meal plans accordingly. Supplementation recommendations and protocols, weekly progress updates, and a stream of fat incinerating challenges to keep you achieving optimal results.


IT professionals, technology and finance experts, inner city business professionals and Dubaians, we want you. For the diverse cosmopolitan global village of Dubai, Prestige programs are available to all the general public offering a program suitable for the needs of any lifestyle, particular those in a highly demanding role. We want to attract a range of clients from all walks of life and levels of occupational demand, showcasing our world class product can achieve life changing results for even that of the busiest corporate professionals, architects, and CEOs of the city. With a history in delivering high-end training for some of Dubai's elite, we are confident in giving you a service you can depend on.


Yes you, the expats that create the great community of Dubai village, we want you to be a part of our fitness revolution. There's nothing like home comforts, and we recognize for an international, there is a distinct lack of services available except that of the chained gyms and soulless exercise studios, so we are here to tell you, you are not alone. We have specifically created our personal training service to be available to you anywhere, anytime, delivering a unique level of local expertise and insight from years of experience of working on the ground ourselves. Our online platform provides you the best-localized expertise from, the best gyms in your area to achieve your specific goals. The nutrition for life and how to eat socially, whilst on a training plan; this includes the best suitable eating spots, and we will even go as far to recommend where to pick up groceries for meal prepping. Our service offers you a truly all encompassing plan. Our on the ground team in Dubai is fully customed to the city and will provide you with the most cost efficient and cost effective tools for your health and body results. We are proud to offer you such a level of service.


Your highly performing workouts are designed to be effective and concise. With a results focused structure, your personalized plans will include workouts that are mapped out in very specific detail to pull out your optimum training efforts every single workout. We will be honest in saying- you must be motivated and ready to push yourself to get the most out of this program. As a golden opportunity to make changes that can impact your health and fitness for the rest of your life; we want you to only maximize your time with us. We say, 'every rep and each workout is a chance to move yourself forward,' so why not give it a 100% of your attention. It's with this attitude a newly founded appreciation towards your exercise will bring you uncharted results.


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Your muscle up plans for men are designed to build muscle and incinerate fat and are suitable for all ages, levels of fitness, body types and body goals. We never wish to impose a 'look' or a type of goal onto any of our clients, but from our leading male transformations it's apparent that we can take any, body to new heights. You can expect to meltdown a majority of excess fat in the first 3-6 weeks or the most amount you could possibly lose in this time. And the next 6 weeks will be dedicated to sculpting a new physique, obliterating personal bests and taking your strength and fitness higher than it's ever been.


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Our female fat loss plans are suitable for any body goals, in fact, some of our most recognized transformations across fitness are truly inspiring female success stories. Subject to individual goals, you can expect to melt down fat from all areas of your body, with a personalized plan created to focus on any key areas or stubborn body fat spots to completely change. Prestige transformation programs can deliver a broad range of results from fat loss, to bigger weight loss goals. Strength and fitness improvement. Wedding preparation or beach body goals. To ultimate six pack training to even specific nutrition styling. From the vast and startling female results we have achieved, we are confident in creating you highly performing results driven plan that works faster and more effectively than anything you have ever tried before!


We have designed our plans to give you the utmost complete results driven body composition plans available to fitness today. The way we train you, the individualization, the drive, the push and scrutiny of attention to detail is what we want for our clients- this the only level we think you deserve, and it's with this standard in customer service is why our programs deliver some of the best results for you possible.

'Since starting my 8-week transformation program at Prestige Fitness, The 8 Week Meltdown I can honestly say I'm in the best shape of my life. It has actually transformed my life. Not just my physicality, my energy levels, my confidence, how relaxed I am, yes it's changed my life. I can't imagine going back to how I ate before, to how I used my body before.. and that's down to the specific work that David Donaldson and everyone at Prestige Fitness has done to assess my body type; assess the way my body responds to training. And tailor nutrition plans and tailor the workout plans to get the best results possible.

And I have achieved it. I feel vitalised, I feel at ease and want to carry this forward, into the rest of my life. And I couldn't have done it without Prestige Fitness. The drive, the push; the relaxed kind of attitude- it makes you feel comfortable. And seeing progress and having the progress tracked and tweaked has helped me to maximize it. And, I can't endorse Prestige Fitness enough. So thank you and here's to the rest of my life! - Olly Devote


Offering you tailored made nutrition plans. Our programs are a one-stop service that includes everything you could need to achieve dietary success. Nutrition goes hand in hand with attaining peak or improved health and performance, and far to often the finer details and key principles of what it takes to actually change your body effectively are overlooked over by industry professionals.

Our nutrition arm is quite frankly massive. We give you everything in painstaking detail from; daily meal plans. Recipe options that retain flavor and keep social integration a priority. We advise you on supplement protocols and how to use them, straying you away from the typical myths of uses of ineffective protein shakes and educate you on simply what really works.

We teach you many fat burning techniques that you can use now in your transformation program with us and take with you for the rest of your life. By giving you only this extensive level of detail in your programs and a higher caliber service, is how you will build a cohesive relationship with your body to demand lifelong habits and the best body results of your life.

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There is a reason why PRESTIGE is one of the leading personal body composition experts and health improvement specialist in the world - it is the accountability, scrutiny, and encouragement we give to all our clients, that provides you a complete system for getting results that you can rely on. Your investment is our pleasure and we simply do everything in our power to achieve you a result you can not just be happy with but confident in. It's with this standard you see our trainers providing service that surpasses most versions of personal fitness out there, and among many things, a service that truly inspires you to get the best out of yourself and become a better version of yourself.We never impose our client dreams on anybody but certainly encourage a hard worth ethic and maximizing your time with us. When reaped properly our personal training is able to offer you a version of yourself most wouldn't be able to recognize you from, followed by a sense of pride, self-esteem and empowerment most could only hope for.

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