Edinburgh Personal Training

Edinburgh Personal Training

Prestige Fitness Edinburgh! If you're looking to take your exercise regime to the next level, Edinburgh's best personal trainers have the tools to deliver. As one the world's leading personal body composition experts, Prestige Fitness are happy to bring you our famous body transformation programs to achieve the results you have been waiting for. Opening a new paradigm in Scottish Fitness, we aim to focus on giving you one very specific outcome for your fitness and body goals which are; to achieve the best results you can in the least amount of time.

Words From David Donaldson - founder of Prestige Fitness:

Opening our services in Central Princess Street, Edinburgh. Personal training is now available and we couldn't be more excited. Our goal as one of the UK's leading body composition experts is to bring a new standard to Scottish fitness and that of personal training in Edinburgh. We bypass all the latest trends, fads and fitness promise, by delivering straight to the mark personal training that's effective, time efficient and goes above and beyond every single time. Our plans and standard of personal journeys are seen as some of the best in modern fitness and we invite you Edinburgh to achieve a personal health and fitness journey like no other.


Our bespoke services in Edinburgh offer a range of ways to train suitable for any level of fitness and preferred style of training from One-one training. Semi-private personal training groups- for groups of 4-8. Doubles training for groups of two, and our worldwide available online personal training programs available for anyone at anytime.

Not everyone has the kind of lifestyle in which they can reach the gym at peak times, so we have ensured Prestige Fitness Edinburgh is available to walks of all life, meaning you can workout in any style you like! Our in-gym personal training and boot camps are available in the heart of the city just on Princess Street and can be uptaken during mornings, daytime and evening hours, however, if you want your preferred time we recommend booking as soon as possible.


Not only can we deliver you the best personal health and body results transformation you can receive. Our trainers are rigorously qualified in strength and fitness, nutrition planning and above all, motivation; ready to give you a helping push if your motivation starts to flag. Our trainers pride themselves in offering energic, highly motivating personal training, that's in line with that of a 5-star hotel. Going beyond would be a starting point with team Prestige and as we say 'We move the heavens and earth to get results for our clients' that just how much we're invested.


We believe keeping pricing as straight forward as it comes is the key to helping you make a decision in your health and fitness journey. Compared to some of the gym chains around- we don't offer you contracts or fixed annual plans; we simply offer you 8, 12 and 16-week personal training programs across all our services. Typically these can be made in an upfront one-off payment to receive a client discount or, made in flexible monthly installments. Hassle free and simple- please find a guide to all our Edinburgh personal training prices below.


Our private personal training boot camps take place at our Princess Street gym. We offer a private training facility that means you're not faced with the usual placard of sweaty gym goers or gawking members and can fully focus on the sole mission of getting the best workout possible in. Our strength facilities combine a range of state of the art equipment and functional training pieces to give you an experience like no other. We ditch the usual gym class theme and deliver a high performing, highly motivating and eye-opening educational boot camp that covers every aspect of your health, fitness, nutrition strength, and performance.


Our Edinburgh boot camps are tightly run training sessions from 10-12 people only, designed to deliver a standard of training you could expect to receive from our renowned one to one personal training. We want to coach you carefully and individually, delivering demanding workouts that pull of the best in you every single time. If you prefer a gym class where you may get lost between 30 plus people, our specifical goal focused camps aren't for you. Your 3x semi-personal training sessions per week are concise challenging workouts created to challenge you, improve your strength and incinerate fat. We are so confident in the results you achieve we offer you a trial session to see for yourself.


Following a sensible and sustainable diet is key to your progress. At the start of your boot camp, we give a meal guide aimed at your own individual fitness basis. For example, it might be female fat loss goal you want or specialized vegetarian muscle building or even rapid fat loss for men. We have all the options ready for you in painstaking detail and at the end of every session carve out a 15 minute period to answer any questions, fitness related or quandaries you might have on your diet and overall lifestyle.


There is a reason why PRESTIGE is one of the leading personal body & health results getters in the world - it is the accountability, scrutiny, and encouragement we give to all our clients, that provides you a completely unique approach to the complicated- specialized field we call health and fitness. It's with this standard you see our trainers providing service, that among many things get you truly inspired to get the best out of yourself and become a better version of yourself. We never impose our client dreams on anybody but certainly encourage a hard worth ethic and maximizing your time with us. When reaped properly our personal training is able to offer you a version of yourself many wouldn't be able to recognize you from, followed by a sense of confidence and energy most could only hope for.

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