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Welcome to Prestige Fitness. Here's a friendly guide to help you know more about what we do! We are here to make your personal training a seamless and hassle free experience.

What do you do?

prestige fitness training programs

We offer personal training programs that are designed to get you results in the best way possible. Our programs can be taken in our private gyms across our 3 main locations and we also offer online personal training too - You can find more information about online training in this guide just below. Our 3 main personal training programs are: The 8 weeks melt down. The Transformer and The Life Changer; you can find more information on these just below. We also offer bespoke personal training arrangements to fit any particular requirements needed too, so always just ask us!

We offer programs because we are able to achieve real results for you this way. Loose personal training sessions which you will find elsewhere, don't offer the structure and step by step method like our programs do. Our proven way; sets you a weekly agenda, and challenges to accomplish one step at a time. This way; is why we're able to motivate you and set a real purpose for your training. You won't just sign up and start training. You will sign up with a clear vision of the objectives and outcomes ahead. With the standard of personal training we offer, expect to achieve the best results of your life.

Aways remember; all of our programs can always be adapted to anyone for any goals types. Our programs are designed for specific outcomes, however we can adapt any of these programs in a particular way suitable. All of our personal training offers the highest standard of results, so expect to achieve the best results of your life:

8 Week Meltdown.

This is our famous fat burning program. This gives you 3 dedicated personal training sessions per week for 8 weeks. This is a fast action training program that delivery results for you day in day out for 8 weeks. This program is designed for people who want to get in shape fast, melt away fat and build muscle quickly. Suitable for men and women with all training goals.

The Transformer.

Our flagship program has produced some of the best results in fitness. This program gives you 3 dedicated personal training sessions per week for 12 weeks and addresses all the variables of health, nutrition and training. This program can be taken by anybody who wants to completely reshape their body composition and achieve any transformation goals. This program delivers the best aesthetic results of your life. Suitable for men and women with all training goals.

The Life Changer.

A worldly program that allows you to train more intensively and become stronger than before. This performance based program gives you 4 dedicated personal training sessions per week for 12 weeks, allowing you to reach new heights in your training. For persons wanting to improve all aspects of training, particularly in performance such as: all sports - amateur or professional. Competition training. Beach body, bodybuilding and bikini contest test training. And challenges such as marathons, triathlon and ultra events; then The Life Changer program is for you. Suitable for men and women with all training goals.

Online training.

We offer online program and nutrition design for a fraction of the price. Online personal training offers the same programs above and can be taken by any one any where any time. We recommend you have access to a gym when signing up to this program and be ready to work your hardest. This program offers mentoring, coaching, and covers everything in your training program. You have constant access to your trainer and will report back weekly to ensure optimal results are being achieved. We have successfully achieved some of our best results this way. All information on how to sign up for online training can be found on our online page.

What facilities do you have?

We operate private gyms only. This means this is a space for you and your trainer to focus on personal training without the distractions of an open gym. Our gyms are spacious, central and offer an array of; strength training equipment, functional equipment and all standard amenities. Our gyms are not open to the public, so we offer a friendly atmosphere that allows you to relax and focus on doing your training. Our high spirits and motivational trainers creates an environment that welcomes all training goals.

Where are you based?

Born in Britain and now service the world!

Prestige Manchester offers 3 city centre gyms that cater to; local residents, workers from out of the city and all Greater Manchester surrounding areas. Details of Manchester locations can be found in our locations page.

Prestige London offers 2 gyms: one in the heart of Mayfair and second on Fulham road in Chelsea. We cover all the surrounding areas including Battersea, and also offer luxury in home and office personal training. Details of London locations can be found on our locations page.

Prestige LA offers 2 gyms situated in two regions of Santa Monica: one in the heart of Beverly Hills and second; Fountain Avenue off Santa Monica Boulevard. We cover all the surrounding areas of Beverley Hills and offer luxury in home, personal or on business personal training. Details of Los Angeles locations can be found on our locations page.

Our special bookings for brand/media, on business and private personal training are popular. Details for media related and special bookings can be found just below, or can be found on our Prestige Global page. Please fill out the contact form or call us direct and we can provide you with a bespoke quote.

Can I sign up to your programs If i'm away during the 8 -12 weeks

Yes it's quite normal for people to have work commitments or holidays booked in. All your dates will be scheduled in during your initial consultation and you have a 16 week grace period to finish any sessions. If you have any specific requirements, just let us know and we can provide you a bespoke program service too.

On training; you will be be expected to complete and continue any workouts and food programs set out for you by your trainer. We have clients who may travel all around the world; but our pre requite is to always be on your best behaviour when on the program. We can be tough love trainers - but this is how we get you results.

What to expect when signing up to personal training with Prestige

A smile. Apart from offering world class personal training. We pride ourselves in being passionate trainers whom are peoples persons who keep our clients at the heart of everything we do. We're professional, we're sharp, we're happy, we're motivating and our sole focus is to give you a great results and a all round exceptional experience. Our standard for delivering the way of training is what separates us in what we do.

Personal training is a different experience for everyone, thats why our approach to your training yields one common objective across the board; in everything we do. And thats to deliver a seamless personal training experience and deliver incomparable service.

How much does personal training costs?

Our leading programs not only offer exceptional results, but amazing value for money too. Our program prices can be found on the prices page, or for online personal training; on the online personal training page. Considering we're able to offer you such a standard of personal training and have a track record for results. Our prices remain competitive in each of our locations, online and in all of our services.

How can I contact you? We've made it easier than ever, and now operate a 24/7 service. Yes!

1) You can click 'book a consultation' at the top of our website. This takes you straight to our enquiry form. There you will be able to reach us for all general enquiries.

2) You can talk to us instantly via the live chat pop out at any time of the day or night, including weekends. Or you can simply leave us a message there this way too. This is a great way to have any questions answered when working or on the go. You can also book your consultation this way too.

3) You can head to our contact page from anywhere on the website. Or a find a enquiry form at the bottom on multiple pages. You can book your consultation and direct all general enquiries by simply filling in your details on the contact form and telling us about more you.

Can I book you for media, business over seas or special request training?

Yes, we are the go to brand for industry hire. Prestige has been delivering private personal training to clients all around the world for the last 10 years. We cover any locations and country on request offering personal training and related services for any requirement. We cover: sports choreography, personal training on business. Movie set training. Ceo and executive training. On business/ and a travel round trainer. Or a personal trainer needed in town training. Private hire is available for in home training global; for periods of up to 3 months and more. We cover brand and media work, for on screen, online and magazine. For more details of special request bookings, visit our Prestige Global page to book Prestige here.

For agents, PR agencies and reps of your client. Please fill in our enquiry form on our Prestige Global or contact form page and tell us about your event or booking. You can also contact us directly at: or call our main line listed on our contact page. Please add +44 for any international calls.

Results to expect on our 8-12 programs.

From the moment you send your enquiry, we are here to ensure you get the information you need with a seamless response time. We are particularly fast at responding to your enquiry, so if you're are calling; please leave us a message, your contact details and we can call you right back. Please note during busy periods, we always recommend following up your enquiry with a message via our contact form; this will safely ensure your enquiries reaches the team. Always expect to hear a response from us the same day!

Consultation. We will reply in our prompt and friendly manor, and take the time to get to know you. We will book you in for a consultation, usually as soon available, in the same week or an upcoming date. You will meet with your personal trainer who will take you through a eye opening consultation on how our personal training will work for you. You will undergo a fitness test so we can see exactly where you are. And then able to give you a informed recommendation of which direction to go with your training.

New training. You will start your new exciting training program, typically on 3 dedicated sessions per week. Your trainer will take you through an A- Z of ever little detail you need to know about your training ahead and nutrition plans. There will be set workout programs to be completed out side of your sessions. This includes abs training, cardio or and weights. You will report to your trainer on a weekly basis, where a new program will be mapped out for you week on week. Typically you see results in the first few weeks, this is why we constantly adapt your training to follow the speed of your results.

A new way of eating. Your nutrition plans will be monitored and focused to your training. We design balanced, realistic eating plans that keep life style practicality at the forefront of your program. We of course ask you commit with no extra and unnecessary foods outside of this. We offer delicious tasting new recipes, and coach you on the methods of how to stay on track while continuing to seriously enjoy your eating.

An experience to remember. Your personal training journey will be seamless. We will get results for you on a daily and weekly basis; by following the specific training program designed for you. For the first time in years; you will be motivated, energised and focused on maximising your time. We will push you, we will challenge you. But we will motivate you to get everything you want from training and more. Our clients describe our service as life changing; because the impact our programs have, are not just physical; but offer a completely new mindset and outlook towards your life. You will leading a new routine with new founded habits that benefit you and those around you. You will be positive and for the first time, feel like you can take on anything. As with all of our transformers, expect to work hard, but achieve the best results of your life.

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