Liverpool Personal Training

Liverpool Personal Training

If you're looking to take your fitness goals and body greatness to a whole new level then look no further, Liverpool's best personal trainers have the experience to achieve the physical excellence you've been waiting for. Achieving startling client transformations and groundbreaking results across the entire fitness industry, Prestige Fitness the UK's leading personal training team is proud to bring you a never seen before standard in personal training. Our sole aim in Liverpool is simple; to deliver the best and most effective personal training service in the city, giving you the best return on investment you have ever placed on your health and body.


Among achieving you life changing results, we strive to retain our high standard of ultra-personalized training, in keeping with that of our reputation; to give you a level of service, you're simply not used to. We are here to not only encourage you but push you far past your usual stopping points, and unlock a new leash of focus towards hitting your goals. The standard of our mentoring goes so far, we're confident for most that by just half way through your transformation, you will already feel like a new person let alone the staggering appearance and mindset changes you could expect to achieve. Our radically performing muscle up plans and female fat loss will surpass your goals and more.

Words From David Donaldson - founder of Prestige Fitness:

Famous for world heritage sites such as Britains largest cathedral. The Beetles, Modern art, an iconic football city, and now joining the ranks is world class personal fitness experts Prestige Fitness! A long time in the planning, we are proud to bring our renowned personal training services to the great city of Liverpool. 'As Britains go to personal training company' we aim to deliver a standard aligned with that of the rest of our gyms across the UK, and that's to simply give you the very best personal health and fitness journey you can receive anywhere.

With a bustling student life and multi-business hub across the North West England, we aim to offer our services to all clients from both inside the city and surrounding areas of Liverpool. Our city center base will be a flagship gym of the North, offering you the latest strength and fitness equipment to give you a new and unrivaled gym experience. Unlike the 'no thrills' gym chains of Liverpool, we don't aim to be a membership style service, or soulless sweat box but rather, an exclusive one-stop training hub for the best body transformations in the city.


All encompassing personal training, our programs are designed to meet any fitness levels. Prestige Liverpool offers a range of ways to train, suitable to any level of fitness and preferred style of training from One-one training. Semi-private personal training groups, boot camps and even our worldwide online personal training anywhere anytime.


Office Heroes, business proprietors, young professionals and Liverpool legends we want you. Typically designed for inner city business workers, Prestige programs are open to all proprietors of the city with plans that meet the needs of any lifestyle. Not everyone has the luxury of reaching the gym- even during peak times, so it's our mission to give you a chance to receive time effective training on any side of the day. Our boot camps classes are held during the mornings, lunch times and evenings so you can have plenty of choices to train and transform. Our highly motivating culture welcome all professionals to deliver a one-stop experience for all.


Students of Liverpool we want you. We have specifically designed our services to be both economic and accessible to learners. Understanding that, other than the typical commercial chains; where you're very likely to be packed in like a sardine in a sweat box, and become quickly demotivated soon after, there's not much to offer in the realms of highly effective personalized service in Liverpool. That's why our services are student friendly, offering some of the best value for money plans in all of the UK!


Our hassle free pricing keeps your training simple. Across each of our services, we offer typically three main programs to choose from. Each of these options allows you to pay up front to receive a client discount, optionally you can in Flexi installments to keep things spaced out. Please get in contact today for more about Liverpool personal training.


Our boot camps take place at our private gym located next door to Alberts Docks. Our tightly run semi-private personal training camps (boot camps) are small focused groups of 10-12 people. We coach you individually with a goal specific approach in the same manner compared to that of our world class personal training. Your boot camps programs are available for 8 or 12 weeks and you can start at any time.

Your 3x per week semi- private training sessions are designed to deliver demanding workouts that pull out your best efforts every single time. If you prefer a gym class where you have the chance to get lost in the back or become another number- our transformation camps aren't you for. But if you want to be a part of a program that is fun, structured, and challenging; we are confident in saying you will get the results you want.

We ditch the usual gym class theme and deliver a high performing, highly motivating and educational boot camps, that covers every aspect of your health, fitness, nutrition strength, and performance. Our boot camps are aimed at any goals: strength and fitness performance, muscle up goals and of course to incinerate fat- for male and female fat loss goals. So be careful what you wish for as in just 8 weeks you could be in the best shape of your entire life!


Following a sensible and sustainable diet is key to your progress. At the start of your boot camp, we give a meal guide aimed at your own individual fitness basis. For example, it might be female fat loss goal you want or specialized vegetarian muscle building or even rapid fat loss for men. We have all the options ready for you in painstaking detail and at the end of every session carve our a 15 minute period to any questions or fitness related quandaries you might have on your diet and overall lifestyle. We may steer you clear of a traditional bowl of Liverpudlian 'scouse,' however our dynamic and versatile meal recipes options are that good, they would make Gordon Ramsay salivate.


There is a reason why PRESTIGE is one of the leading personal body and health results getters in the world - it is the accountability, scrutiny, and encouragement we give to all our clients, that provides you a complete system for getting results that you can rely on. Your investment is our pleasure and we simply do everything in our expertise to help you reach your goals. It's with this standard you see our trainers providing service that surpasses most versions of personal fitness you have seen before, among many things, a service that get you truly inspired to get the best out of yourself and become a better version of yourself.

We never impose our client dreams on anybody but certainly encourage a hard worth ethic and maximizing your time with us. When reaped properly our personal training is able to offer you a version yourself most wouldn't be able to recognize you from, followed by a sense of confidence and energy most could only hope for.

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