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Personal training with Prestige Fitness is carried out in one of our private studios in Manchester. Training takes place one to one with our qualified experts, meaning there are no distracting audiences or glaring gym members, just the trainer with the experience to help you to progress and achieve your goals.

We provide personal training in and around Manchester. We train individuals of all shapes and sizes and of varying fitness levels. Your mission is to get results. Our job is to get you these results. We can provide flexible training times from 6am - 10pm, 7 days a week.

The personal training we provide is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. To help you achieve this we will ensure a fresh approach to training and utilise innovative equipment that you won't find in the gym.

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A training program a nutrition plan, let's be realistic this is very basic and very simple to knock up. Our definition of Success is constantly being developed and not becoming complacent. Specific individual programming is our key tool to target your body's requirements guaranteeing results on a weekly basis. From countless success stories, breakthroughs and accomplishments from people of all backgrounds, lifestyles and fitness levels, to show you the sheer level you achieve and what our product does for you.

It's super simple, we treat you like a human, completely individual your journey from the off. To do this we look at the way you live your life, the food you eat and the decisions you make. A life style strategy which reprograms the actions you take for mind and body is why we you will achieve your goals.

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Feel like a new person 5 stars

"I wake up in the morning now and feel like a new person. My new routine of exercising 3 days a week and eating the right way has made everything better for me. I don't have sleep in the afternoon's anymore (I work early), I feel more organised, I have more time for myself and my family, and i'm just really enjoying it and totally buzzed.

In just 4 weeks of training, i've lost my belly, yep its gone - 10 years of gut and body fat. I've built up muscle on my shoulders chest, arms and back. I've improved my strength considerably and i'm loving the way I look. I always thought of myself as not a weight trainer, but after discovering the pump, and mental therapy it gives me, I found it to really enjoyable. My strength has gone through the roof, I love the challenge and love the way i'm feeling to. Everybody at works keeps commenting on how good I look, which is great, but for me it's the way I feel.

Prestige was recommended to me from a friend who achieved the same results. I think it's expected with what they do, they tell you to expect results and push you your hardest to achieve them. The support, mentoring and expertise is impressive, i've also learned a great deal in just 4 weeks. I can only recommend such great personal training and give them merit to the volume of results they've helped me achieve in such a short time. Thank you, and here's to week 8 of my results, excited to see what happens next."

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Wish I did it sooner 5 stars

"Prestige has been apart of my family and business life for the last 4 years and I only wish I could write a book about my time with Prestige. I hate to admit it, but I was over weight. I look back at the pictures and think, yes that really was me. My entire look has changed, everyone says it. I'm in the best shape in my adult life, and the foundation of personal training has allowed me to achieve it.

In 4 years, together with Prestige, i've completed multiple challenges, like Hell Runner, London Marathon, Trails Marathons and more. It's fun because every year we do something different. I have a new goal and whoosh before I know it, Dave has designed my A-Z training plan on whats happening next. It's an impressive and a respected work ethic. My team train together and the positive influence it's had on us in terms of life style and habit choices is remarkable. The office is addicted to healthy food, and thats only a good thing for us all.

The way I feel is why I've been training with Prestige for so long. Admittedly I train twice a day.. oops, but I love it. It gives me routine, it clears my head for the work ahead of the day, and I see my body changing all the time. My food yes, isn't always the best. It's taken me while to learn what works for my body, but by personal training, I've found a happy medium where I can actually enjoy eating healthy without restricting my self. Prestige are fantastic at what they do and I'd recommend personal training to any one who wants to use their time better and get more results from it."

Within a month I changed my body shape 5 stars

"I came to Prestige through a recommendation from a friend who had achieved impressive results. I've had personal trainers before over the past 5 years, but felt that I've never really got any where with them. The thing about Prestige is the structure and motivation. I was first impressed to find out the type of training I needed to be doing for my body in order to achieve results, and also to have what I quickly found to be the best personal trainers pushing me to do it.

In the first month I changed my body shape. My new look was incredible, I had energy for the first time in years and felt like it improved my health significantly. The training is definitely like nothing else. I work between Manchester and London and have had over 5 trainers in my time. The reason why I enjoy it, is every session is new. Every session i'm challenged and every session I know I've accomplished something for my body.

I can't say thank you enough to Prestige. All my friends want to know what the secret is, but I say, you just have to be committed and ready to give it your 100%. It's not only been a great learning curve, but a wake up call to how i've been using my time exercising for the last 5 years. Prestige have not only changed my body but changed my mind set dietary wise and showed me how to enjoy it all, while continuing to see results. Thank you."

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How easy it was 5 stars

"I go into the supermarket now and see all my favourites chocolates but it just doesn't bother me. I use to be addicted to pepsi max and had to buy a bottle on the way home from work every night, and now it doesn't bother me. All my friends at work don't get how I can eat so clean but actually enjoy my program and also don't acknowledge how easy it is.

They say how amazing i'm looking but claim they can't do the diet i'm on, and i'm like it's not a diet, it's called balance and not just pigging you face everyday, More fool them. The first time in my life, my skin is so fresh. My energy levels are completely normal, and I just don't crave that rubbish any more. it's no big secret really its routine, and training. In the time i've been training properly, I've seen results I didn't expect, and in more than 3 years of boot camping.

Now I train 3 days a week with Prestige. The commitment and energy I give into my training is all because I love it and love seeing the results. In the first 3 weeks of training, me and my trainer were really shocked as i'd lost all my excess body fat. By week 6 I felt in the best shape i'd ever been in and now I see changing constantly."

I know exactly what works for my body and how to train the right way now. Yeah I really do love it, why wouldn't you when it works."

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My second time 5 stars

"I love my training and the Intensity I get from personal training. I've been a hard core bootcamper for around 5 years. I love the programs and the workout I get from them, but it doesn't quite match personal training. My sessions are specific, I.e one day will be strength and performance, the next day will be legs. I love this.. can't say I do at the time, but the benefit out weighs anything i've done before.

Fitness was my main goals to achieve. I got this instantly. By week 5 I remember doing a set of press ups, thinking omg, I never use to be able to do these! I'm so happy with how my levels have moved forward physically, and the motivation thats given me mentality. I've trained at Prestige twice now, one for getting fit for my job, and second, to look good in a wedding dress yipee! :)

My diet was always something I needed help with. I'd always eat healthy, but then learned their was a few things I could improve. The first time I properly changed my diet was when I realised wow, this does work. It's perfect for because I do want both. When i'm training I know its a combined effort, so to have my diet constantly looked at, checked and changed was one of the reasons I seen some of the best results in my life in less than 10 weeks."

Thank you so much! 5 stars

"I trained with Dave at Prestige, I learned so much and can't say thank you enough for the encouragement. My sessions are are always intense but focused. I've been over weight my entire life, I first started training only a year ago and quickly noticed it was something I enjoyed doing. Where ever I go with work, I will find a gym, I will prepare my food and train.

Being a fitness model was never something I dreamed of doing. I think it happened by accident. It's the thrill of training and having something to strive for in your self, then setting out a plan to achieve it. I've broke through my own barrier and accomplished something I didn't think was possible. I've had the support off some amazing personal trainers but have to thank Prestige.

Prestige taught me how to take my training to the next level. I was very focused on cardio but learned weight training is the secret to getting a overall better body. I love cardio, but I love weight training even more now. Every one around me says how great I look, but I just love the routine. I love fitness, I love the direction its taken me in my life, and without the know how i'd still be hoping to achieve something like this. Happy Happy :-)"

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Who we are tick

World class personal training experts who have proven success with every major body group for men and women, named the go to place for people who want results, in fitness. In the heart of Manchester city centre, Prestige Fitness is an exciting choice, that offers you the exact results you are looking for with a client success others can only dream of.

What we offer tick

We are not your average run of the mill trainers, that work in cheap gyms, or offer wallet saving personal training programs. Our reputation proceeds us as some of the leading experts in fitness and our programs are famous for delivering life changing results. Our standard as Manchester's leading fitness experts is to work with you, focus and get you the maximum results in the least amount of time. Offering you structured transformation programs that from day 1 are set out to achieve real results.

Location tick

We offer private city centre gyms in Manchester, which we don't share with gym members or huge teams of robotic personal trainers. Our trainers, are friendly, professional and passionate about getting you to the place you want to be and giving you as much personal development and support as we can offer. We keep the client journey and experience at the fore front of our service by keeping personal training as personal and private as possible.

Value for money tick

World leading personal training experts right on your door step that offer incredible value for money on our renowned transformation programs. Our typical client achieves better results in just 3-8 weeks than they have in their life. This is the standard we set for you, our work ethic is to give something special you just cannot receive anywhere else. In Manchester we pride selves in offering incredible transformation programs with amazing value for money.

Service tick

We look the part and act the part. Our trainers are trend setters. Our trainers have brand standards and our trainers deliver the best service for clients in fitness. We don't hire trainers to join Prestige who themselves do not inspire clients. We put ourselves in the shoes of you and imagine who and how you'd liked to be trained. With a level of client care, attention and standards; we're able to offer you our world renowned standard surpasses anything in the Manchester.

How we don't compare to anyone tick

Prestige Fitness is a high level personal training service. Prestige Fitness is a standard for clients seeking professionals to help them make the true changes they want. Prestige Fitness is a process which focuses entirely on results for the client, with a results driven nature. We're a professional business that sees you our clients as extension of the Prestige family and journey we’re on to achieve great things in fitness. The time we use together, is used to achieve results you just never expected.

How we stay above the rest tick

Yes we are different and what we offer for you is simply incomparable. We work with people who are finally ready to make this change. With people who are invested into this process and excited about but serious about this journey as we are. We are not a volume business and don't wish to see or accept your business based on those seeking personal training with an opportunist or bargain based agenda. The reason we are able to deliver some of the best results in fitness, is working with like-minded individuals who understand Prestige Fitness is the choice for the serious change, and compatible to those of you who are ready to cut through the nonsense and use your time to its best to unlock your true potential.

What to expect tick

Your initial consultation will include a full lifestyle screen, a fitness assessment to ascertain and design the exact action plan for you. Your initial consultation will take 60 minutes, please bring your exercise kit. We look at the times and program available to suit and book in times and dates for you for the next 8-12 weeks.

We are honest from the off in saying, our aim is to not only meet your expectations but exceed them. All too often, our clients are left speechless at the position they are in within the first 3 weeks and can only describe it as incredible. We understand you and know exactly how to work with your body maximising optimal change and results for both women and men. We're not just personal training, we are experts and the go to choice in Manchester... if you want results. We looking forward to transforming you!

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Location Type Address
Ancoats Private personal training gym 1 George Leigh street M4 5DL
Piccadilly Private personal training gym 3 Piccadilly Place, 2 floor, M1 3BN
Newton Street Private personal training gym 8 Newton street, Manchester, M1 2AN

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