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Prestige Fitness, one of the worlds leading personal trainers will be opening its doors to a central Shibuya world class gym, Tokyo! 2017. As one of the worlds leading body transformation experts we aim to bring you only a standard we have come to know. World class results, the Prestige standard, world class mentorship that enables you to achieve an almost impossible standard of physical excellence and physique you always wanted but never thought possible.

Prestige Tokyo will serve as a bench mark of fitness across Asia, pulling together to very best personal trainers in Japan, suited to deliver our world class and most unprecedented level of service, product and training.

A standard responsible for some of the best results seen in fitness. Real revolutionary results and Prestige personal transformations. The standard of personal training you've been waiting for. The transformation you've always wanted. Life changing results that have never existed before. Get the results you want in just 8-12 weeks.

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The Programs

Our famous transformation programs in Tokyo consist of:

Program Name Program structure Appointments
The 8 Week Melt Down 3 x per week, 8 weeks. 24
The Transformer 3 x per week, 12 weeks. 36
The Life Changer 4 x per week, 12 weeks. 48

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